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Angela Kafadar – Blue Lizard Productions

Blue Lizard Productions is a video production company based in Cambridge, Ontario and they’ve been producing corporate videos in Waterloo Region since 2007.

Founded by Scott Clevely, a filmmaker with ties to the local film and arts community in Waterloo Region, and Angela Kafadar, an experienced entrepreneur with strong relationships in the local business community, Blue Lizard Productions has earned a reputation for helping local businesses and organizations not only deliver their message through the power of video, but by engaging their audiences with visual storytelling.

Their video production process operates more like that of a film production company.  Our production crew is scalable to be flexible and responsive to your needs.  Whether its a crew of two videographers for the day or twenty, including cinematographers, actors, makeup artists, grips, visual effects supervisors, we have the experience and talent to complete your project on time and on budget.

As video producers, both Scott and Angela are intimately involved with every project we produce, ensuring that you receive the level of attention that you and your project deserve.

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2 Tannery Street East,
Cambridge, ON N3C 2B9

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Nora Amaya – Search Engine OP

SearchEngineOp is a digital marketing firm from Guelph. They help local and international, small to large businesses achieve their marketing goals through Web Design, SEO, Branding, eCommerce development and Online Marketing services. Want customers to find your business, they are your team!

Why choose Search Engine Op?

“We empower business owners by giving them control and ownership of their website. We use open systems. When you get a website from SearchEngineOp you are getting an easy to manage, fully personalized web design that has a solid code foundation and is beautiful. More importantly, our primary focus is attracting leads and potential customers, so from the very first meeting through the entire project (from design to marketing) the goal is clear, your business grows.”

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Susan Brady

Susan Brady is a sought after speaker and business coach, founder of Susan Brady International. She?۪s a woman who motivates and inspires from the heart, but isn?۪t afraid to tell it like it is. Her company is committed to the growth, empowerment and personal mastery of women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Her experience alone is a testament. After almost 20 years in public service, she chose a career in direct sales, quickly rising to the Top 1% of the company and creating a six figure income within 18 months. She then went on to become Vice President of Bob Proctor’s (The Secret) largest company before starting her own company in 2010.

When a woman makes more money, it not only changes her life, but it also changes her whole family and her community. It changes the whole world.

Through her Elite Coaching Program, Six-Figure Direct Sales Academy, and The Science of Getting Rich in Direct Sales, you’ll achieve your financial and business goals, all while making a bigger impact on the lives of your family and those around you.

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