HER Business Membership Upgrade

$149.00 CAD

The RevolutionHER™ Business collective is an added way for you to gain further connections with like-minded women in the world of entrepreneurship... learn together, share your expertise with our entire community, and more!

Your RevolutionHER™ Business Annual Upgrade comes with $2,000+ in entrepreneur benefits for only an additional $149/year (94% savings!), and includes:

  • Access to our RevolutionHERLearning Portal with video modules, workbooks, templates, and tip sheets 
  • Becoming a RevolutionHERApproved Contributor* and submitting blogs and articles, and your business story, for feature on our website and promoted through our e-newsletters (*upon application); Approved Contributors can then apply to offer educational presentations at events, workshops, and courses
  • Access to RevolutionHER™ Online Business Mentorship Sessions
  • Receiving emailed HerBusiness Updates with helpful business resources and tips

Upgrade to join our RevolutionHER™ Business Collective
-- over $2,000 in value for an additional $149 --