The RevolutionHer™ Store is Returning Soon…

The RevolutionHer Store provides shoppers a unique shopping experience like no other — a store featuring products exclusively for women, created by women, in support of womenOur next location will be opening soon at a gorgeous shopping destination in the Golden Horseshoe area, featuring key retailers such as Apple, Aritizia, Banana Republic, Coach, Lululemon, Nespresso, Roots, Sephora and Zara. We're adding an additional 1,000 sqft of retail space, and will be featuring over 60 women-owned brands and over 400 unique products, as well as hosting weekly celebrity guest appearances, book signings and networking events to connect with our incredible community!


Stay tuned for big announcements to come...


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Click on each image below to learn about the women-owned brands we're featuring

smash tess
bluboho jewelry
mala the brand candles
Joyous Health
kpure naturals
Fusion Mineral Paint
pomp and sass
Carli D
QMBeautique lashes
La Dee Da Sauces and Jams
Birch Babe
Planted Souls
Dermtheory Daily C
Eatable Popcorn
Riesling Rose lingerie
Happy Natural Products
Canoe and Lake
Tiber River
Dalcini Stainless
Rebel Girls
Jolly Bark
ULAT Dryer Balls
The Bare Home
Riesling Rose handbags
Kind Laundry
Calm and Cozy Designs
Real Talk Candles
IDIA jewelry
Wildpier Beauty
Michele Maher Designs
the better chocolates
Skilled Accents
Easy Daysies
Strong and Free
Mashpop Media
Eat for Life by Marsha
Deborah Drummond
Gruvi non-alcoholic beverages