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The following resources are FREE and accessible for ALL Entrepreneurs!


Marketing Your Business

When we define marketing, we build on a term we know: market. We know that the market we are talking about is not a specific place, but rather our current or potential customers:

– Who are interested in buying products and services like the ones we sell.
– Who can buy them from us or our competitors.

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Managing Your Finances

The goal of managing cash flow is to have more money coming into the business than going out of it. It is important to maintain a steady positive cash flow. The credit we receive from suppliers is not yet cash out of our business; the credit we give our customers is not yet cash into our business. It is important to manage both types of credit carefully.

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Mompreneurs Time Map and Schedule Template for Women Entrepreneurs

Time Management, Organization, & Goal Setting

When running a business, it will quickly become apparent that successful time management and organization is not only beneficial but imperative. Creating daily, weekly, monthly, and annual systems, routines and goals can ensure that you are headed down a path of success and clarity, rather than one of frustration.

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Social Media

The social media landscape is constantly changing and evolving, and it can be tough to keep up and stay in tune with what’s best for your business needs – we hope to help with some tips and guidelines, no matter what platform you’re using.

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