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Mompreneurs Momentum Enterprise of Canada
 (Momentum) is a non-profit organization, created in 2015 to provide support, educational resources, content, and advancement opportunities for womxn entrepreneurs.

Momentum provides educational opportunities for womxn in business, including webinars and resources, as well as round table discussions, educational seminars, meetings and workshops. Offering resources, support, and guidance through educational content and actionable measures, Momentum has a long-term goal to provide womxn with the tools necessary to start and maintain a successful business, as well as offering monetary grant opportunities for emerging and established womxn in entrepreneurship.
Momentum was the first Canadian organization to take part in the Coca-Cola 5 by 20 program, a worldwide initiative dedicated to supporting the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs across the globe by the year 2020. Through our programming, Momentum helped to provide educational support for economic empowerment to 20,000 Canadian women entrepreneurs leading to the program’s closing in 2020.


Mompreneurs Momentum - What We Do

We offer annual “Momentum Grant” subsidies through our RevolutionHer™ Awards (formerly Mompreneur® Awards), consisting of monetary contributions as well as business support services and mentorship. A combined $200,000+ in bursaries, business services, promotion, and media has been granted through our Awards programming to date.




Mompreneurs Momentum - Who We Help


We support all womxn entrepreneurs, no matter the size or scale of their company. This can include founders, co-founders, partners, sole proprietors, franchisors, franchisees, and consultants from all walks of life and from any age demographic.




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We are proud to work with some incredible Partners who help us support so many others in turn. If you are an organization looking to work with our community, please Connect With Us to learn more! If you are an entrepreneur looking for further guidance and support, please explore our Blog for free resources, or Join Us As a Member!