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– V2.3 –
Conquering Your Bookkeeping

featuring RevolutionHER COO Sara Clarke

Video Duration: 19 minutes
Additional Module Resources: workbook + spreadsheet option + article

RevolutionHER Mastery Module V2.3  features our very own RevolutionHER COO Sara L. Clarke, Co-Owner of Martin Clarke & Associates. As a seasoned bookkeeper of over 20 years, Sara shares her easy yet effective tips to keeping your receipts organized, as well as ways to prepare for tax time (well in advance!) so that you are less stressed and ready for your accountant. Access to this Mastery Module is granted strictly for Elite and Elite+ Mompreneur members – enjoy!


(a) Download & Print the Workbook – “Conquering Your Bookkeeping”

(b) Watch Sara’s “Conquering Your Bookkeeping” video (below).

(c) If you’re looking to ramp up your bookkeeping habits, try Sara’s downloadable “Organizing Your Numbers” workable spreadsheet!

(d) Read up on “How to Better Manage Your Money & Cut Costs”, a great article courtesy of our partners at SAGE!

(e) Take our Module Challenge:
We challenge you to share one way you are updating your bookkeeping habits (for the better!). Share by posting within our ELITE Members Facebook Group!


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