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– V1.7 –
Authentically Growing Your Brand on Social Media

featuring Kelly Farrell of TEACH ME SOCIAL

Video Duration: 20 minutes
Additional Module Resources: 4-pg workbook + 2 bonus teachings


RevolutionHER Mastery Module V1.7  features Kelly Farrell of Teach Me Social, and her Top 5 Tips on How to Authentically Grow Your Brand on Social Media. Kelly has taught hundreds of other entrepreneurs how to build trust and community with their followers on social media, and now our members get an inside look at how to make it happen! Access to this Mastery Module is granted strictly for Elite and Elite+ Mompreneur members – enjoy!


(a) Watch Kelly’s video “How to Authentically Grow Your Brand on Social Media” (below). As the founder of Teach Me Social, Kelly has taught hundreds of other entrepreneurs how to build trust and community with their followers on social media, and now our members get an inside look at how to make it happen…

Plus a BONUS explainer of the mysterious online “algorithm”!


(b) Download our 4-paged “Authentic Social Media Workbook”, designed to help you identify where you need to focus on your efforts, in order to discover how to authentically connect online and grow your business.

(c) Read up on Vistaprint’s article “How to Get Started & Stand Out on Social Media” >> 

(d) Take our Module Challenge:
Once you’ve watched Kelly’s video and completed the 4-page workbook that goes with it, we challenge you to the following tasks:

  1. submit at least 2 NEW BLOGS to our RevolutionHER Team (email them to
  2. share your 2 FAVOURITE SITES that you use (or would like to use) to help curate more content for yourself by posting them within our ELITE Members Facebook Group

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When you feel you’ve found your ‘voice’ for social media – and which network or channel that works best for you – it’s important to keep up the conversation with your followers. Creative campaigns, like monthly giveaways requiring people to comment to enter, encourage new people to engage with your company on a regular basis.

Sara Clarke of Mompreneurs London, Southwestern Ontario, Toronto, York RegionBONUS TEACHING: Time Management Tip
via RevolutionHER COO Sara Clarke

Growing your brand authentically online takes time, which means that you will need to find the time to make this happen. You will need to take time away from other tasks in your life. This can be hard, but in the end it is so rewarding as you want to and probably need to grow your business.
How to do it?
Start with 30 minutes a day, broken into 3 x 10-minute segments and make sure that you use a timer so that you don’t get sucked into the social media rabbit hole. If you do this every day for a full 30 days, you will have invested 15 hours into constructive social media connection. Every minute counts – make the most of what you’ve got!

BONUS TEACHING: Failing For SuccessTessa Kampen Mompreneurs Guelph and Kitchener Waterloo
via RevolutionHER Team Member Tessa Kampen
Successful people fail their way to the top. Let’s stop being afraid of failing and therefor not trying anything new out of fear… let’s  push fear aside and take risks regardless of the outcome! Use your failures as learning experiences and see how you can learn and grow from those experiences and they teachings they can provide.
Do something that scares you today that you have been putting off. Maybe it’s launching that new program, doing a Facebook Live or trying something new. If it flops, so what? At least you tried and now you know how to improve and move forward from there. Fail your way to the top and you will make it there!


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