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How To Grow Your Business

Explore ways to grow your business, in this 20-minute module video provided by RevolutionHER Momentum Enterprise of Canada. Understand the many factors that go into ‘Growing Your Business’, and approach with targeted focus and clarity by using both the video and the workbook to help you!


(a) Print out a copy of our Mastery Module V1.3 WORKBOOK to work with.

(b) Watch our video “How to Grow Your Business” (below), and make notes in your workbook as you follow along.

(c) Read our Featured Article “8 Steps to Create Your Business Success Road Map” via Elite+ RevolutionHER member Linda Spencer

(e) Take our Module Challenge: Set a new goal for your business to complete by end of this month, and share on our Mompreneurs Page for accountability!

(f) When you’re a seasonal small business owner, your busy season needs to be successful enough to sustain you during your slower months, but there are still ways to thrive during your slow season. Host a contest to get customers excited about your small business any time of the year. For more helpful tips, review Vistaprint’s helpful article “How to Thrive During Your Slow Season” >>

Maria’s Favourites

RevolutionHER Founder & CEO Maria Locker shares her 3 favourite things to do, to listen to, and to read this month – all approved for life as an entrepreneur!

Startup Canada Podcast with Rivers Corbett

TO LISTEN TO: StartupCanada is a budding community of passionate entrepreneurs, and their popular StartUP Canada Podcast airs every Tuesday, with Rivers Corbett at the helm. Always a great listen with inspiring entrepreneurs!



The E-Myth book

There’s a reason why The E Myth by Michael E. Gerber is recommended by so many powerful and successful entrepreneurs, and also a reason why it’s been a tried and true resource for so many years. Each time you pick up this book over the course of your business journey, you will learn something new and gain new insights for a path you thought you already understood. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!



BONUS Resource: Time Management

Read up on this article from Mompreneurs® COO Sara Clarke on discovering your “N.E.T Time” and how to work with it! >> View Article

Healthy Corner

Why Prioritizing Your Pelvic Health Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur!
via Elite+ RevolutionHER member Kim Vopni of Pelvienne Wellness