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Launching Your Website

featuring GODADDY

In RevolutionHER Mastery Module V1.2 “Launching Your Website”, GoDaddy’s Andy McIlwain shares his seven-step process for getting a business website up and running in less than an hour. We cover registering your domain name; choosing a business email provider; choosing a platform for your website; planning your pages; building your site; adding interaction with forms; and installing Google Analytics to monitor your site’s performance.

NOTE: Access to the majority of information for Mastery Modules will be for Elite and Elite+ Mompreneur members only, but… this one’s on us! We are thrilled to be able to offer Module V1.2 – Launching Your Website for EVERYONE! This is an opportunity for you to get a sneak peek at how our Mastery Modules will work, and how much information we will be compiling to help further your success!


(a) Print out a copy of our Launching Your Website 5-Page Workbook to work with.

(b) Watch Andy’s Video “Launching Your Website” (below), and make notes in your workbook as you follow along.

(c) Read our Featured Article “Simple SEO for Business” via RevolutionHER member Erin Gleig

(d) Take our Module Challenge: Update or (re-)launch your website, and share your work on our Mompreneurs Facebook Page for some feedback from fellow members!

(e) Enjoy additional resources below!

Maria’s Favourites

RevolutionHER Founder & CEO Maria Locker shares her 3 favourite things to watch, to download, and to read this month – all approved for life as an entrepreneur!

The Founder featuring Michael Keaton - poster
If you haven’t already seen The Founder, starring Michael Keaton and based on the true story of McDonald’s rise to fame, it is definitely worth the viewing. Be forewarned, as an entrepreneur there will be times during this film that you will squirm with discomfort if you yourself are the founder of your own company, but there are many lessons to be learned through it all.
Currently available on Netflix



headspace appTO DOWNLOAD: Learn to meditate with the Headspace free “Basics” pack, a 10-day beginner’s course that guides you through the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. It’s so very simple to use, the gentleman host’s British accent is so calming, the cartoons cute and light, and each daily headspace focus is only about 10 minutes — it really doesn’t take much to make this work for you. You can even program right within your smartphone’s calendar to remind you to ‘take some headspace’ every day!



Our Turn book by Kristine Stewart

TO READ: Former Twitter Canada VP Kirstine Stewart has written a very compelling and interesting read with Our Turn, which challenges women to consider what comes after ‘Leaning In’. The book is part memoir, which is fascinating in itself considering Kirstine’s impressive resume, and part motivational. It’s a great read for women looking to excel in executive positions as well as, in my opinion, for women entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.



BONUS RESOURCE: Time Management Sheet

(a) Listen to RevolutionHER COO Sara Clarke‘s tried and true Time Management tips in the video below, and then download a copy of the Time Integrity Sheet to use in your daily schedule!

BONUS RESOURCE: Setting & Achieving Goals Tracking Sheet

Download this easy-to-use Tracking Sheet to help you with the art of following up
via RevolutionHER Team Member Tessa Kampen