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– V1.10 –
Protecting Your Business

featuring Mike Gaba of TRUSHIELD INSURANCE

Video Duration: 19 minutes
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RevolutionHER Mastery Module V1.10  features Mike Gaba, Manager of Business Development at TruShield Insurance, where he outlines the key ways to run a safer and more successful business by protecting it. Mike goes over the main coverages, common insurance myths, how to buy a policy, and when to update it to maximize your coverage. Access to this Mastery Module is granted strictly for Elite and Elite+ Mompreneur members – enjoy!


(a) Watch the “Protecting Your Business” video (below).


(b) Catch up on our latest Online Mastermind: review our Online Mastermind Session “Protecting Your Business” with Elite+ RevolutionHER member Andrea Henry of Henry Business Law (in conjunction with this module), where she outlines key ways to protect your business, including policies, incorporating, trademarks, contracts, and more!

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From our partners at National Bank

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Q: I have a small retail business; how do I know if/when I should consider transferring it?
A: If your business is small, whether you’re the only employee or you have a small team, you can always transfer your business. Don’t be scared off by the difficulty or complexity of the process – think about how a business transfer would allow you to see everything you’ve built continue on long after your retirement. For more information, read the full article on National Bank website.



TruShield Insurance is a proud partner of RevolutionHER, offering simple and affordable insurance solutions for Canadian small businesses. Whether you’re a consultant, an app builder, or a retail business owner, your insurance needs are as unique as you are. TruShield offers small business insurance to protect your employees, customers, suppliers, equipment, inventory, and most importantly, yourself and everything you’ve worked hard to build.

At TruShield, it’s important that small business owners like you know exactly what you’re getting from your insurance company. TruShield strives to make insurance easy to understand so that you can feel confident that your small business is protected from the unexpected. Their Small Business Insurance Advisors can help you understand your insurance needs, and tailor a solution that fits your business.

GET A QUOTE ONLINE – in Minutes!
TruShield makes it easy to protect your small business with just a few clicks: log on, get a quote, review, purchase… and YOU’RE INSURED! Find out more >>

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