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– V1.9 –
Expanding to New Markets

featuring Adriana De Luca & Michelle Lalonde of TIBER RIVER NATURALS

Video Duration: 14 minutes
Additional Module Resources: 4-pg workbook + quote + finance tip + online mastermind recording

RevolutionHER Mastery Module V1.9  features Canada’s 2018 RevolutionHER of the Year Adriana De Luca & Michelle Lalonde of TIBER RIVER NATURALS, where they outline how to expand your business into new markets and maximize your growth strategies through their Top 12 Tips (plus their #1 Ultimate Tip!) to help you plan your takeover! Access to this Mastery Module is granted strictly for Elite and Elite+ Mompreneur members – enjoy!


(a) Watch Adriana & Michelle’s video “Expanding to New Markets” (below).

(b) Download our 4-paged “Expanding to New Markets Workbook”, designed to help you identify where you need to focus on your efforts, in order to maximize your growth strategies.

(c) Take our Module Challenge:
Once you’ve watched Adriana & Michelle’s video and completed the 4-page workbook that goes with it, we challenge you to:

  • share “The One Thing” you are going to start working on NOW to help you begin your growth strategy! Share by posting them within our ELITE Members Facebook Group!

(d) Catch up on our Online Mastermind Session Archive “Expanding to New Markets” with further teachings from Michelle Lalonde directly!

(e) Read up on Vistaprint’s Article “Street Marketing Tactics to Drive More Business” >>

(f) Print out our ‘Quote of the Month’ (thanks for this quote suggestion, Adriana!) to help keep you on track with your goals this month! (click below)

Joseph Campbell quote on 'your path' for mompreneurs

From our partners at National Bank

Q: Do I have to transfer my business to my family?
A: Transfers often involve family businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that the only transfer model is having your kids take over for you. Your business could be passed on to the combination of a child and someone else, or to key employees of your company. Give yourself plenty of time to choose wisely and to make the transfer gradually. For more information, read the full article on National Bank website.

presented by Vistaprint
We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that customers love sales, but running a sale isn’t always as simple as slapping on a few new price tags or putting up a few 15% of signs around the store. How you market the sale matters. Try communicating urgency with bigger sales and lining discounts up with holidays or milestones for smaller discounts. Read more here >>

mompreneurs Adriana De Luca and Michelle Lalonde of Tiber River Naturals, Canada's 2018 Mompreneurs of the YearAbout Adriana & Michelle, and Tiber River Naturals

Founded in 1999 by Adriana De Luca, Tiber River Naturals is a Canadian company charting a different path, where co-owners Adriana De Luca and Michelle Lalonde are focused on Creating Happiness – for their team, their consultants, and their communities.
In 2017, Tiber River was ranked #258 on the Profit 500 list of the Fastest Growing Companies in Canada, up from #354 in 2016. Together they have created a fun, unique culture and strategy that drives all of their decisions. By KISSing things (keeping it small and simple), Vuja De’ing things (seeing things in a new way), and being the ‘Right Amount of Crazy’, they are living their values and their passions, and having fun along the way.