A semi-annual publication featuring articles that matter to women in all aspects of their life, from health and wellness, to career and business. Highlights of every issue include:

  • Her Stories – inspiring profiles on real women and their journeys in life and business
  • Her Life Articles – expert guidance on women’s health, wellness, beauty, and more
  • “RevolutionHER Approved” products, services, books, and podcasts reviews
  • Her Business Articles – advice for female entrepreneurs

REVOLUTIONHER™ MAGAZINE — Volume 1  |  Issue 2

RevolutionHer Magazine with Sarah Nicole Landry The Birds Papaya   RevolutionHer Magazine with Sarah Nicole Landry The Birds Papaya

Volume 1  |  Issue 2

Cover Story: Sarah Nicole Landry “A Journey of Self Love & Discovery”

Life Articles: The Power of Manifesting; Living the Life You’ve Always Imagined; Bringing Mindfulness to Life

Approved For Life: Badass Habits by Jen Sincero; The Success Planner; Reinvention of the VJ Podcast with Erica Ehm; Fusion™ Mineral Paint; Pomp & Sass Luxury Turkish Towels; Joyous Health wellness products, and more

HER Stories: Jennifer Harper of Cheekbone Beauty; Sonia Jhas; Karlyn Percil-Mercieca; Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health; Sahar Saidi of LUS Brands; Hazel Mae; Jennylyn Pringle

HER Tips: Lori Joyce; Arlene Dickinson; Manjit Minhas; Cat and Nat

Business Articles: 4 Ways to Love Your Work From Home Space; 5 Ways to Build an Online Community That Trusts You… Not Just Follows You (The GG Sisters)

2020 Mompreneur® Award Winners: Carrine Chambers-Saini (DivaCup); Dr. Dina Kulik (Kidcrew); Laurie Franklin (Unique in the Creek); Erin Woodward (The Girly Book Club); and Justine Levenberg (Sportball Vancouver)

Recipe: Healthy & Delicious 3-Night Meal Planning featuring Chicken Feta Bruschetta

The Last Say: featuring Jen Sincero

REVOLUTIONHER™ MAGAZINE — Volume 1  |  Issue 1

RevolutionHer Magazine print publication with Tonia Jahshan Sipology Steeped Tea  RevolutionHer Magazine print publication with Tonia Jahshan Sipology Steeped Tea

Volume 1  |  Issue 1

Cover Story: Tonia Jahshan “It All Started With a Cup of Tea”
Life Articles: A Positive Attitude Can Make All the Difference; The Benefits of Adding Oils to Your Skincare Regimen
Health Articles: Let’s Talk About Menopause; Stressed? Adaptogens May Be Just What You Need; Boosting Your Immune System with Nutrition
Approved For Life: Find Your Pleasure by Cynthia Loyst; Mandy’s Gourmet Salads Cookbook by Mandy & Rebecca Wolfe; The Papaya Podcast with Sarah Nicole Landry
Business Articles: Brainstorming Sessions That Work; Selling The Positives; Adding More Joy to Your Work Day
Approved For Business: Reinvention by Arlene Dickinson; The Feed Podcast with Amber Mac & Michael B; Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll; Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
2020 Mompreneur® Award Finalists: These 27 incredible women collectively grossed over $65 million in revenue (2019) and contributed over 1,500 jobs to the economy; learn more about each of them.
Recipe: Probiotic Punch Smoothie
The Last Say: featuring Maria Locker



Advice, Guidance and Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs — each back issue of Mompreneur® Magazine features 52 beautiful pages of inspirational wisdom from real women in business, expert advice from guest authors and renowned contributors, and guidance for female entrepreneurs through every stage of their business journey.


Mompreneur Magazine V3.2 Julie Cole Mabel's LabelsVolume 3  |  Issue 2
Cover Story: Julie Cole “Mom of 6 and The Voice of Mabel’s Labels”
Articles: Using Gratitude to Grow Your Business; Elevator Pitch Success
Feature: Where to Start if Writing a Book Is Your Next Chapter
Health: Fighting Fat Over 40
The Final Say: Jane Bradley of ParentsCanada Magazine

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Mompreneur Magazine V3.1 Amber MacVolume 3  |  Issue 1
Cover Story: Amber Mac
Articles: Disorganization & Judgement; The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook
Feature: Mompreneur® Award Finalists
Planning: A Guide to Bilingual Product Packaging
Recipe: Moroccan Lamb Meatballs
The Final Say: Maria Locker, Founder of Mompreneurs®

Mompreneur® Magazine Bundle Available >>


Mompreneur Magazine V2.4 with Arlene Dickinson Dragon's DenVolume 2  |  Issue 4
Cover Story: Arlene Dickinson “Canada’s Champion for Entrepreneurship”
Articles: Finding Your Kegel Mojo; Discovering Your Core Beliefs
Mompreneur® Award Winners: Adriana De Luca & Michelle Lalonde, Tiber River Naturals; Tamara Al Dip, Nanashake; Kate Belbeck, Belbeck’s Family Farm featuring Rent the Chicken; Kah-Mei Smith, Young Living Essentials
Approved For Life: Keenfit Walking Poles; Adorable Chocolat; The Busy Mom’s Guide by Elaine Tan Comeau

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Mompreneur Magazine V2.3 with Erica EhmVolume 2  |  Issue 3
Cover Story: Erica Ehm “A Backstage Look at the Life of Erica Ehm”
Articles: Marketing & Web Design; Become a Resiliency Ninja; Why You Shouldn’t Make a Bigger “To-Do” List
Feature: Mompreneur® Award Finalists, highlighting 26 women named from across 6 Canadian Provinces
The Last Say: Traci Costa of Peekaboo Beans

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Mompreneur Magazine V2.2 with Lori JoyceVolume 2  |  Issue 2
Cover Story: Lori Joyce “In The Business of Being Better”
Articles: Top 10 Legal Tips; Choosing Consciously with Eco-Fashion; Perfecting Your Headshot
Special Feature: Empowering Women with Coca-Cola’s 5 by 20 Program
Foodie Tips: Cheese Please!
The Last Say: Amber Mac

Mompreneur® Magazine Bundle Available >>

Mompreneur Magazine V2.1 with Janet and Greta PodleskiVolume 2  |  Issue 1
Cover Story: Janet & Greta Podleski “Food From The Heart”
Articles: How to Feel Good; 3 Secrets to Increase Your Profits
Mompreneur® Award Winners: Dana Shortt; Dana Shortt Gourmet & Gifts; Lori-Ann McLeod, ONYX Fitness; Melissa Hyslop, Munch Mitt; Duette Anderson, SendoutCards
Approved For Life: Conquer Your Year by Natalie MacNeil; The Content Planner by Angela Crocker
The Last Say: Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie

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Mompreneur Magazine V1.4 with Sarah BaeumlerVolume 1  |  Issue 4
Cover Story: Sarah Baeumler “Building a Family Brand In The Spotlight”
Articles: Choosing Happy; When to Invest in PR
Feature: The Importance of a Business Plan
Approved For Life: Rok Cork; Coal & Canary; JadyBabys; SchoolWorx; EasyDaysies; Monat; doTERRA; Mojo Mama
The Last Say: Cat & Nat

Mompreneur® Magazine Bundle Available >>

Mompreneur Magazine V1.3 with Manjit Minhas Dragon's DenVolume 1  |  Issue 3
Cover Story: Manjit Minhas “A Good Thing Brewing”
Articles: Social Media ROI; Putting Yourself First; Establishing Credibility
Feature: Financial Tips for Turning Your Hobby Into a Business
Feature: Best Smartphones for Business
Approved For Life: Nutracelle; Core Chair; Kangen Water; Red Card Blue Card Game; Boxer Hard Root Beer; TaLii Towels
Health: Smart Dining Tips When Eating Out
The Last Say: Lori Joyce of Betterwith Foods

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Mompreneur Magazine V1.2 with Debbie TravisVolume 1  |  Issue 2
Cover Story: Debbie Travis “Time for Something New”
Mompreneur® Award Winners: Colleen Dyck, GORP Clean Energy Bars; Dana Kerford, GirlPower & GoodGuys; Nita Tandon, Dalcini Stainless; Angie Wagenaar, Isagenix
Articles: Mompreneur Facts, Organizing Your Finances
Approved For Life: Handmade For You Love Lu; The OVer Co.; The Conquer Kit by Natalie MacNeil; Life Messages by Laurie Goodman
Health: 5 Smart Health Boosters
The Last Say: Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels

Mompreneur® Magazine Bundle Available >>

Mompreneur Magazine featuring Cheryl HickeyVolume 1  |  Issue 1
Cover Story: Cheryl Hickey “Small Town Roots to ET Canada”
Trailblazers: Arlene Dickinson, Manjit Minhas, Linda Lundstrom
Feature: A Legacy of Mom Guilt
Mentorship: There’s a Mentor for That
The Last Say: Erica Ehm of YMC

Mompreneur® Magazine Bundle Available >>

January/February 2010 (back issue unavailable)
Mabels Labels; Moving Toward Financial Independence
November/December 2009 (back issue unavailable)
Otterbottles; Concierge Home Services; Luvali; Pumpease; Medicard Finance; White Stone Developments; Greer Homes; Kicking Horse Coffee; Rocky Mountain Soap Company; Scwibble
Sept/Oct 2009  (back issue unavailable)
Direct Sales Issue: Mary Kay; Tocara; 8 Budget Tips
July/August 2009  (back issue unavailable)
Lisa Nichols; Rock, Paper Scissors; OrganicKidz; Interview with Jane Walters, Pure Ecommerce
May/June 2009  (back issue unavailable)
Bamboobino; Horizon Distributors; Going Green at home and work; Collaborative Leadership
March/April 2009  (back issue unavailable)
Chez Cora’s; Crock a Doodle; Franchising 101 with The Canadian Franchise Association
January/February 2009  (back issue unavailable)
Debbie Travis; 6 Steps to Building Your Brand; 8 Clutter Busting Tools
November/December 2008  (back issue unavailable)
Marissa McTasney and; Emily Kolaczek, Ranger Homes
September/October 2008  (back issue unavailable)
Kim Lavine; Liandrea, Multimedia Moms
July/August 2008  (back issue unavailable)
Tips for Exporting; Q and A’s with Booker International; Jewels N More; Promise Sweden
June 2008 (back issue unavailable)
Going Green: How to make your Business More Eco Friendly
May 2008  (back issue unavailable)
Andrea Scott, Skoa; Q and A with Nannies on Call and Dana Lyseng owner of Supernova
April 2008 (back issue unavailable)
Q and A with Wovenfare; 5 Ways to Maximize Your Business Meetings
March 2008  (back issue unavailable)
Dr. Jackie Shan, Cold FX;; Mabels Labels; This Little Fish Went To Market
January 2008  (back issue unavailable)
Karen Judge, Studio Gorgeous; Q&A with
December 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Tammy Ziberberg, Serious Fun
November 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Trish Magwood; Q&A with Eveline Charles
October 2007 (back issue unavailable)
Sarah Richardson; Gwen Eldowy, Living Her Dream; Nazrin Ladha
September 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Erica Ehm; The Power of Marketing; Q&A with Baby Gourmet
June 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Liette Tousignant, Hang and Level; Leading Others with Passion; Accepting Your Worth
May 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Traci Costa, Peekaboo Beans;  Lani Donaldson, Beacon Literacy
April 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Little Soles, Jessica Jacobs; Permission Based Resiliency; Regulating Your Market Investments
March 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Dr. Natasha Iyer and Chronos Apollo; Joan Paul and J. Paul Training Inc.
February 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Box Paper Scissors, Anna Lee Chow; Buttercream Bakeshoppe, Kari Richardson
January 2007  (back issue unavailable)
Marketing – 5 Essentials for a Successful Website; Working Better from Home
December 2006  (back issue unavailable)
Desperate Housewives; One Smart Cookie; The Dadpreneur; Family Adventure
November 2006  (back issue unavailable)
Digital Diva Tina Forsyth; Protect Your Computer and Data; Setting Boundaries