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clean eating

2 Easy Ways to Implement Clean Eating in Your Diet

If you’re looking for a way to feel more vibrant and healthful, then clean eating is something you will likely want to try. It is recommended to start small and target slow changes into your daily routine. This will help you to not feel overwhelmed, and will start your path to clean eating feeling successful…

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woman in bed

3 Easy Ways to Get Better Sleep

Written by Brooke Hohenadel I truly believe that your life would improve if you slept well each night! Since sleep is my thing, I want to share my Top 3 Tips for getting a better sleep, starting tonight: Move Every Day Notice I said move, not exercise? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good workout just…

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Are You Having What She’s Having?

Written by Annie Gaudreault Meg Ryan certainly captured our attention in the famous restaurant scene of When Harry Met Sally as she demonstrated her pleasure acting talents. And let’s face it, everyone wanted to have what she was having. This got me thinking, how many times have you tried something because a friend did? A…

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Finding Your Daily Kegel Mojo

Written by Kim Vopni You likely have a lot to manage as a busy woman these days, and often your health and personal needs can get pushed to the bottom of the list. One thing in particular that often gets pushed aside is pelvic health. It’s easy to mask a problem and pretend it doesn’t…

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Let’s Talk About Menopause

Written by Teresa Isabel Dias If all women go through menopause, why are most unprepared for it?The short answer is, because menopause is still taboo and no one talks about it. I’m going to share my personal journey with you, in hopes that it will shed some light on what you may also be going through. To…

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mindfulness tips

How To Practice Mindfulness Every Day

Written by Sarah Good What is mindfulness anyway? And how can it be used in our lives these days? The simplest way for me to understand it, is that mindfulness has three parts: Intention: set an intention for what you want to put your attention on. Attention: notice where your attention is. If it is not…

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mood and energy boosting tips

Five Strategies for a Fall Season Energy Reboot

Written by Annie Gaudreault Growing up, I loved fall. The thought of going back to school would get me so excited; a fresh new year! Even now that I’m definitely done with school, fall has continued to be the unofficial beginning of the year. Frankly, January has always seemed a very inconvenient beginning of anything…

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calming meditation for women

An Easy & Calming Meditation Visual

Written by Sarah Good During these continuing stressful times, it is vital to have practices which help us calm our nervous systems. I would like to invite you to try a practice that I call “flower and candle breathing”. It is a meditation visual that can be easily shared with children, and which you can…

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Happy Woman with Healthy Habits

5 Healthy Habits to Try

If one of your goals this year – or this decade – is to have a healthier lifestyle, then it’s time to take action. No more putting your own needs on the back burner while you look after everyone else! Here are five healthy habits you can start with right away: Exercise Choose something that inspires you. Whether it’s…

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Strategies to Stop Overextending Yourself

Do you often feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew? Do you find yourself rushing from task to task with barely enough time in between to eat or shower? If you are like many women, you may have a tendency to over-commit yourself. People overextend themselves for various reasons; perhaps you…

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Journal Prompts for This Time of Change

Change can be challenging. It can also be an opportunity of growth and development. As our restrictions change, it can be helpful to reflect on how our time is being used and how we are feeling about it. As an occupational therapist, I spend my time supporting people who are striving to manage the occupational…

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