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5 Strategies to Prepare for 2021 Like a Marathon

Written by Annie Gaudreault As a collective, we were all ready to say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and welcome 2021 and the fresh new year. But this year will still require a lot of patience, determination and resilience from us. It will be a marathon, not a sprint, so…

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PMS symptoms

Your Endocrine System & Combatting PMS

Written by Amanda Brown Did you know that over 50% of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and that there are over two hundred symptoms that women can experience? The only similar symptom is the time frame in which these wonderful symptoms start to present themselves, typically anywhere from two…

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happy woman

3 Ways to Help Make New Habits Stick

If you’re like most people, you’ve likely tried a variety of self-improvement strategies over the years. Anything from life hacks, new diet or fitness routines, reading books on changing habits, and just about everything in between, all with the ultimate goal of becoming your best self. How often have your…

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Need to Drink More Water? Try This Challenge…

Written by Grace Moores I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately, trying to eat better and move more. There is one area that I noticed I needed to improve on however; drinking enough water. So, I challenged myself to drink two extra glasses of water every day, and…

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thankful woman

How Gratitude Improves Mindset

We’re always so busy rushing from one task to the next that we rarely stop to think about how fortunate we are. These days, a positive mindset is increasingly important in order to help you push through stress and find joyful moments in each day. Here are four areas in life that…

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2021 goals for women

4 Ways Working Women Can Set Better Resolutions

By Rosanna Berardi There have been many lessons in 2020, and perhaps one of the most important ones is that hope is not a strategy. We all hoped COVID-19 would go away, but it hasn’t and—unfortunately—it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.    As we prepare to flip the…

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The Last Minute Holiday “Gett’er Done” Guide

The holidays are well upon us, but the big question is – are you ready for them? Most of us are spending mid-December just scrambling to get it all done, but there are ways you can organize your time and help save yourself some stress in the long run. Use…

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A Secret Santa Just for Mom This Year…

Written by Kristy Carruthers It’s safe to say that every mom deserves a beautiful, thoughtful gift that she didn’t have to pick for herself, especially this year, and every year really. There’s likely a mom in your life that works hard to take care of everyone else, and now it’s…

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winter walking safety

Winter Walks? Tips to Prevent Falls & Injuries

Written by Teresa Isabel Dias When winter hits, it’s important to know how to prevent falls and fractures on snow and ice so you can make the most of the season and still enjoy being in the great outdoors. Walking is very good for the heart, bones, and brain, however walking…

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3 Strategies to Endure the Tough Times

Written by Jennifer Zawadzki When the going gets tough, we have the opportunity to overcome or succumb. There is often beauty at the end of a gruelling, hard-fought uphill climb, as evidenced by the breathtaking views from mountain tops, our first introduction to new babies, or a sunrise that washes over the clouds.…

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exercise tips

Give Yourself the Gift of Exercise

When you implement consistent, regular exercise into your daily routine, you have the opportunity change your life in extremely impactful ways. Just small changes every day can make a world of a difference in how you look, how you feel, and how you live your life. Here are just a…

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Signs That You’re Experiencing Burnout & Steps to Take

As women, we’re often told that it’s okay to want it all; that we can have it all; and that we can do it all. What exactly is “ALL” though – and why do we feel the need to be responsible for everything? There is a lot of pressure on…

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clean eating

2 Easy Ways to Implement Clean Eating in Your Diet

If you’re looking for a way to feel more vibrant and healthful, then clean eating is something you will likely want to try. It is recommended to start small and target slow changes into your daily routine. This will help you to not feel overwhelmed, and will start your path…

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gifts with reusable joywrap

Adopting a 5-Gift Rule This Holiday Season

Written by Amy Ballinger It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 Pandemic is going to change what many families are putting under the Christmas tree this year; but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Many studies have shown the long-term negative impacts of children getting too many gifts…

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holiday gift

Five Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for those on your list. Whether you go for a classic or something more unique will depend on both the person and on your relationship together. Now more than ever before, it’s so important to do your best…

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tips for busy families

Quick Ways to Improve Your Busy Homelife

Written by Elaine Tan Comeau Are you looking for quick tips to improve your busy family’s home? You can use these easy strategies right away to get your family to communicate better, and have a cleaner, more organized home. 1.  “The Busy Board”If your family is so busy that it feels…

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woman in bed

3 Easy Ways to Get Better Sleep

Written by Brooke Hohenadel I truly believe that your life would improve if you slept well each night! Since sleep is my thing, I want to share my Top 3 Tips for getting a better sleep, starting tonight: Move Every Day Notice I said move, not exercise? Don’t get me wrong, I…

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Finding Your Daily Kegel Mojo

Written by Kim Vopni You likely have a lot to manage as a busy woman these days, and often your health and personal needs can get pushed to the bottom of the list. One thing in particular that often gets pushed aside is pelvic health. It’s easy to mask a…

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Let’s Talk About Menopause

Written by Teresa Isabel Dias If all women go through menopause, why are most unprepared for it?The short answer is, because menopause is still taboo and no one talks about it. I’m going to share my personal journey with you, in hopes that it will shed some light on what you may…

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finding happiness

Strategies to Help You Find Happiness

Written by Mieka Forte When we think about strategies for success often that plan doesn’t include a section with goals for prioritizing happiness. Happiness may be a small part of the conversation, or even a slight after thought. However, too often it’s left aside or put on the back burner.   Research…

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Jody Swain Hire and Fire Your Kids App

How My Blended Family Inspired My Business Idea

Written by Jody Swain When our family became blended in January 2012, my husband Ted brought 2 boys (12 and 9 at the time) into our new family, and I brought a daughter (4 at the time). As you can imagine, setting expectations for various ages and doing so as a…

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5 Personal Blogging Tips to Engage Readers

Your personal blog can be a valuable tool in engaging fans and readers, but it takes time to develop and maintain… If you’re using a blog as a marketing strategy to gain followers, you want to make sure that you are using it effectively. Here are some tips that will help you…

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3 Quick Ways to Tackle Work-Life Overwhelm 

How’s your work-life balance these days? If you just did a massive eye-roll, chances are your work and personal life are blurring like never before. The 9-to-5 feels like a distant memory. The technology designed to empower us is making us slaves to our screens. And “always-on” culture has become our…

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Personal Image Tips to Age Gracefully

Aging gracefully is something all women aspire to, in order to both look and feel their best as the years pass by. If you’re looking to evolve your look or lean into a new style, here are some things to consider when it comes to your personal image: Makeup What…

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test taking tips

Three Important Test Taking Tips For Kids

Written by Cathy Thompson, Founder of Beyond the Classroom In-Home Tutoring My daughter was recently nervous about an upcoming test at school. She’d been studying for this test for days, but she couldn’t seem to shake the anxiety even though she was prepared. The tension began to rise, and I suggested she take…

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mindfulness tips

How To Practice Mindfulness Every Day

Written by Sarah Good What is mindfulness anyway? And how can it be used in our lives these days? The simplest way for me to understand it, is that mindfulness has three parts: Intention: set an intention for what you want to put your attention on. Attention: notice where your attention…

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A Positive Mindset Can Make All the Difference

We all face challenges in our lives, but the way that you interpret these challenges is what makes the difference between someone who is able to overcome them and someone who is crushed by them. A positive outlook has the power to boost you up when you are down and…

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