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salad boosters

5 Easy & Delicious Summer Salad Boosters

Summer is here, which means out with the hot meals and in with the cold! Your taste buds will be craving fresh foods when the heat hits, and a hearty salad can be the perfect fit. Salads are labeled as one of the healthiest meals, and rightfully so – there…

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BBQ baking cinnamon rolls

BBQ Baking + Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Written by Jo Notkin People tend to bake in cooler weather, but the BBQ is really just an outdoor oven when it’s set up in the right way. Why not look at fusing two fave things together instead – baking and being outside in the summer! There are lots of summery…

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backyard staycation

Creating a Backyard Staycation

Who says you need to travel to far off places in order to have a good time and enjoy your summer? Your backyard can become the oasis you need, and can make for a perfect staycation opportunity. Here are a few ways to make the most of what you have…

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4 Things to Know About Collagen

Collagen is a well-known benefit to keeping your skin healthy and glowing – but what exactly is it, where does it come from, and how can you use it? We’ve rounded up 4 key elements you need to know for this popular beauty trend: Collagen & It’s Role Collagen is…

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Tips for Mindful Eating

Food has the potential to enhance lives and improve health, but there are also many factors that impact healthy eating – including how we eat. Being mindful is a way to slow down your habits and really pay attention to what you’re putting into your body. Here are 5 tips…

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Why We Need to Keep Learning

The only constant in life is the fact that our world continues to shift and change. In order to keep up and evolve with change, it’s important to keep an open mind and embrace learning whenever possible. Being committed to attending events helps to push that growth and evolution, and…

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Outdoor Walking Meditation

As the warmer weather settles in, many of us feel a strong yearning to be outdoors as much as possible.  A walking meditation is one way that you can enjoy being outdoors and reflecting, which requires minimal space. Here are 3 easy steps to take in order to get started.…

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Aromatherapy Uses & Tips

Aromatherapy has seen mainstream attention in the last ten years or so, but has been around for centuries. While you can purchase oils pretty much anywhere, there is currently no regulation in the essential oil industry, making it hard to know which oils are 100% pure.  Choosing the highest quality…

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tips for overwhelmed women

3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Stress

How’s your work-life balance these days? If you just did a massive eye-roll, chances are your work and personal life are blurring like never before. The 9-to-5 feels like a distant memory. The technology designed to empower us is making us slaves to our screens. And “always-on” culture has become our…

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watering garden

How To Water Your Garden Effectively

Watering your garden doesn’t have to be a chore that you rush through. In fact, it can end up being one of your favorite things to do in the garden, as it helps you to slow down. Here are some tips to enjoy the process: Watering the garden allows you…

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women enjoying summer

5 Must-Have Products This Summer

Even though we’ve only just begun with nicer Spring weather, Summer is around the corner and there’s no time like the present to prepare and get ahead! We’ve rounded up 5 of our fave female-founded products that should be on your must-have list for sunny summer months ahead. Knix Swimwear…

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superfood powder spirulina

5 Superfood Powders to Fuel Your Health

When we think of power powders, the first that usually comes to mind is protein powder, but there are a whole line of super powders that are making their way into mainstream eating and for good reason. Powders are beyond convenient for a busy lifestyle, and they contribute to wholistic…

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happy woman

5 Ways to Find Happiness

Written by Mieka Forte When we think about strategies for success often that plan doesn’t include a section with goals for prioritizing happiness. Happiness may be a small part of the conversation, or even a slight after thought. However, too often it’s left aside or put on the back burner.   Research…

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student literacy

Overcoming Pandemic Learning Loss

Written by Melanie Rodriguez You may or may not realize it, but the world is facing a global literacy crisis. Even before the pandemic, 2/3 of Canadian and American fourth graders read below grade level. Why do teachers and researchers pay special attention to the fourth grade? This is because…

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woman taking moment

2 Easy Ways to Take a Moment For Yourself

We all had great expectations for 2022, but let’s face it — it’s been one heavy year, and we’re not even halfway through it yet! Keeping our own well being at the forefront is crucial these days, and while we can all get busy, it’s important to find small ways…

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2022 RevolutionHer Awards

2022 RevolutionHER Awards Now Open

Are you an outstanding female, gender-diverse individual or youth who is an entrepreneur, impact or community leader, or rising star? Do you know one who deserves to be recognized? Then it’s time to join the REVolution!  From now through to May 29th 2022,  you can nominate yourself or someone else…

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International Women's Day inspiring women guide

Read Our 2022 Inspiring Women Guide

RevolutionHER™ is proud to highlight some incredible women who are making a difference and forging their own path. With this year’s call to action “Break the Bias”, we are turning the spotlight on some influential game changers who inspire us to continue using our voices to challenge societal norms and…

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organizing The Home Edit way

Spring Cleaning In 5 Steps “The Home Edit” Way

Spring cleaning is one of those rites of passage that some of us look forward to all year long… or that some of us dread. After a long winter, it’s often a way to ‘shake off the cobwebs’ and welcome in a fresh new season with long, deep, and clean…

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emotional inflammation

What Is Emotional Inflammation?

During times of uncertainty and change such as those which we have been enduring over the last 2 years and continue to bear witness to, experiencing emotional inflammation is very common, yet most people do not realize they are experiencing it. Emotional inflammation is a term for feeling extreme stress…

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exercise tips

3 Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Life

When you implement consistent, regular exercise into your daily routine, you have the opportunity to change your life in extremely impactful ways. Just small changes every day can make a world of a difference in how you look, how you feel, and how you live your life. Here are 3…

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woman focus on mindset

3 Daily Ways to Refocus Your Mindset

Written by Kimberly Olson There are tons of ways to keep your mindset sharp and get your priorities in order. I’ll teach you three of the tricks that I use daily to maintain my dream life and keep my mind recharged and refreshed. We all struggle with day-to-day insecurities, so…

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How To Practice Mindfulness Every Day

Written by Sarah Good What is mindfulness anyway? And how can it be used in our lives these days? The simplest way for me to understand it, is that mindfulness has three parts: Intention: set an intention for what you want to put your attention on. Attention: notice where your attention…

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Why Confidence Should Know No Age

Written by Kelly Roach You may have heard the saying “confidence comes with age.” And that rings true for many people today, who have grown up knowing insecurity, second-guessing, and fear of being judged until they’re already halfway through life or even later. The truth of the matter is that…

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The Importance of Mentorship

Mentoring allows a person with a lot of knowledge and experience to connect with someone who hasn’t gained the same knowledge or experience, ultimately providing a pathway for learning and guidance. Mentoring can be focused on providing support for careers, lifestyle, entrepreneurship – the opportunities are endless! Having a mentor…

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Raising the Value On Your Own Needs

Written by Amy Ballantyne Do you ever put yourself last because you feel that every one else’s needs are more important? Work/business comes first.Kids come first.Partner comes first.Pets come first.House work comes first. Sometimes these things must be prioritized ahead of everything, there is no doubt. But the key is…

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Rethinking, Redefining & Redesigning Your Life

Written by Tami Adams 2020 started off like so many other years for me. It was a new decade to explore, expand and take on new challenges that would help me be the best version of myself. I was fully employed in a job I loved, working with professional speakers…

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Manifesting & Attracting What You Want

Getting what we want and finding new opportunities isn’t “luck” or something that happens to us by chance. It is up to us to take action and allow for our desires to come our way. The law of attraction has often been referenced as an important tool to making things…

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