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Are You Letting Others’ Beliefs Stop You From Pursuing Your Dreams?

Written by Aleksandra Jelenic Are you feeling that urge or that craving for more? For something different? You feel it in your bones, it’s time! You want it. Maybe you think you don’t have what it takes or maybe you just can’t figure out how it would be possible for you. You feel stuck. Or…

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How to Maintain Motivation Through Loss or Grief

Written by Kristin Berry As women, there are a thousand obstacles we can plan for and often an equal number of surprises we could never anticipate, but those can usually be tackled with a Google search and some grit, determination, and hard work. Even a few surprises are manageable using proven methods and step-by-step logic.…

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Managing Stress: Tips for HR Professionals

Written by Serena Pawluk If being a “people” person is part of who you are, it’s likely also the main reason why most of us in the HR profession make the decision to get into human resources – we love people! We love to see people grow, thrive, and be at their best. What many…

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Creating The Life You Desire

Written by Aleksandra Jelenic The way to create the unrealistic, fantasy life you desire and crave is to simply use your imagination and allow yourself to dream the impossible dream. Of course there is more to it than that, but it does start with your imagination. Ignore all instincts to be realistic and instead allow…

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cash flow journal

Cash Flow vs. Profit

“It doesn’t matter how much revenue you are owed, if you don’t have cash flow, you can’t keep a business afloat,” says Marty McCaffrey, founder of Ledger General, an accounting, tax and advisory services firm in Chicago. For small businesses, cash is king. When there’s money in the bank, it can feel like business is…

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visual merchandising suetables

Visual Merchandising in Market Spaces

Written by Ani Nersessian Trade shows, craft shows, marketplaces or any pop-up spaces in general, are all amazing opportunities to showcase your product-based business to a large audience. They are places to educate customers about your offerings and convert them to your clientele, as well as gain prospects for retailers to source your products while…

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding How to Publish A Book

Written by Elaine Kapogines Have you decided that it’s time to tell your story or share your expertise with others through a published book? If so, one of the first questions you will likely ask yourself is how to get your book published. There are several different paths you can take, however there are a…

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RevolutionHer’s 2022 In Review

Written by Maria Locker Well it’s certainly been a year to write about… we’ve had an incredible journey over the last 12 months, and we owe it to each of you, our incredible members, supporters and partners for coming along on the ride and supporting us along the way! Here are our top memories of…

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Cultivating a Size-Inclusive Company Culture

Written by Sky McLaughlin Size bias exists in every facet of our society, across all industries. There is a human cost to this bias, especially in the workplace. Research shows that overweight employees, regardless of their performance, face negative workplace stereotypes that characterize them as lazy, less intelligent, sloppy and lacking in self-discipline. Plus size…

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Simple Tips to Streamline Finance Processes

Written by the experts at American Express Facing challenges with cash flow and payment processing? Here are some strategies and solutions you can apply to simplify and improve business finance processes: Identify Your Finance Function Pain Points It sounds obvious, but before looking for solutions to finance challenges, identify the real pain points. Some common…

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Three Email Headers to Increase Email Open Rates

Written by Stacey Hartman When you’re working toward gathering and maintaining subscribers for your email marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of the email headers in the shuffle. However, crafting an effective subject line is crucial when you’re considering the open rate for your email messages (open rates would refer to how many recipients open…

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3 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

By Ruth Ann Hogue A website without traffic is like a knickknack on the shelf — pretty to look at, but otherwise nonfunctional except for collecting dust bunnies. Now, imagine that same knickknack on a shelf with hundreds, thousands, even millions of other curiosities, each vying for attention. Which ones will get noticed, and which…

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woman working on a laptop

Top SEO Tips for Your Website

Written by Andrea Rowland Ready to tap into the power of search engines to drive traffic to your website? You don’t need a fancy tech degree, or to shell out big bucks for an SEO expert, to get started. Anyone can learn the basics of search engine optimization. “This is understandable stuff,” said Moz founder…

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5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching to Media

Written by Elaine Kapogines Everyone makes mistakes when they’re first starting out. Here are 5 mistakes that people often make when pitching a story idea to the media through email, and helpful tips on how you can avoid them. MISTAKE #1Not Double Checking Spelling and Grammar We’ve all done it at some point, but if…

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An Inspired Summary of The 2022 RevolutionHer Summit

Written by Carol Schulte There was a buzz in the air. Excited, impressively-dressed, eager women were entering into the regal Canadiana room at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Hugging, smiling, giggling… holding their beautifully overflowing swag bags, they were ready for day one of the Summit. It was the first time in three years this…

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Buying Custom Gifts from Local Makers

Written by Nikky Starrett Unique custom gifts can be a wonderful way to integrate branded or personalized goods into your everyday marketing routine, and it showcases your values and personality while supporting local small businesses. The tips below will help you hire the right maker in a way that makes it easy for everyone. STEP…

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woman on phone work life balance

Regain Control of Your Work and Life Balance

Balance is often a moving target. One week it’s great and others prove more challenging with both work and home-life responsibilities competing for time and energy. Balance can be thought of as more a spectrum, rather than a constantly shifting scale. It isn’t just about having more time to spend for self-care or with your…

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Optimizing Cash Flow When Inventory & Receivables Tie It Up

Written by the experts at American Express When inventory management ties up your cash and adds warehousing costs, credit moves can free up cash flow. Here are some ways every entrepreneur can optimize cash flow: PLAN FOR SEASONAL PEAKS Your business has higher demands at specific times of the year. To be ready to sell…

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online meeting tips

Home Office Essentials for Online Video Meetings

Working from home certainly has its ups and downs. We’ve all been there: the one day where you decide you’re going to work in your comfy clothes and save showering until the afternoon, only to receive a message from your client or boss, asking you to hop online for a “quick video chat”. When you’re…

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Performance Success Tips for Women in Business

Written by Deborah Drummond There is no doubt you’re a successful, dynamic and heart-centered business person. Like everything in life, there is always room to learn and grow, and being a top performer is something we should all aspire to. Top Performance doesn’t mean you need to completely revamp what you have done thus far.…

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Why We Need to Keep Learning

The only constant in life is the fact that our world continues to shift and change. In order to keep up and evolve with change, it’s important to keep an open mind and embrace learning whenever possible. Being committed to attending events helps to push that growth and evolution, and now that in-person events are…

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b2b electronic payments with AMEX

4 Reasons to Accept Electronic B2B Payments

Is your company accepting electronic payments from other businesses yet? If not, here are four good reasons to get started and help you grow your business. Reduces Your Risk Accepting electronic payments allows you to grow your business faster as it minimizes the risk of fraud associated with cash sales to unknown purchasers. Reducing paper…

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pictonat creative

7 Props to Use in Your Branding Photoshoot

Written by Nathalie Amlani You’ve taken the leap and booked your branding photography session. You won’t regret it! But you may be feeling a little nervous, and that’s totally normal. After all, even if you’re used to family photos and other kinds of portraits, branding photography can feel like a totally different experience, and that…

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2022 RevolutionHer Awards

2022 RevolutionHER Awards Now Open

Are you an outstanding female, gender-diverse individual or youth who is an entrepreneur, impact or community leader, or rising star? Do you know one who deserves to be recognized? Then it’s time to join the REVolution!  From now through to May 29th 2022,  you can nominate yourself or someone else for one of five categories…

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9 to 5 movie Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin Dolly Parton

The History Behind Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”

If you haven’t heard our big news yet, we’ve announced that we’ll be hosting an exclusive virtual event with none other than Dolly Parton for International Women’s Day this year! Naturally, our excitement has been monumental, and it’s led us to celebrating and learning even more about all things Dolly these last few weeks. We’re…

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All About Business Interruption Service

When things go awry, and your small business’s ability to generate sales is threatened by an unexpected event, are you able to weather the storm? A 2021 survey of Canadian businesses on the topic of emergency preparedness found four out of five companies have had their operations interrupted over the past five years. Among the causes…

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woman focus on mindset

3 Daily Ways to Refocus Your Mindset

Written by Kimberly Olson There are tons of ways to keep your mindset sharp and get your priorities in order. I’ll teach you three of the tricks that I use daily to maintain my dream life and keep my mind recharged and refreshed. We all struggle with day-to-day insecurities, so let’s find a way to…

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