RevolutionHER Ethics Committee

At RevolutionHER, our mission is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment both online and in-person for women entrepreneurs anywhere in Canada, as well as for all those involved with us, whether members, subscribers, partners, sponsors, affiliates, or otherwise. We aim to foster positive relationships and interactions through our offerings and activities, with individuals, groups, and companies that are of the utmost respectful and professional representation for our organization both in presence, in conduct, and in online interactions.

If you should find that you are hurt/disappointed, offended, or misrepresented by the actions, intentions, or words of others, whether online or in-person, we kindly request that you submit a formal complaint to our RevolutionHER Ethics Committee, in order for us to review and understand the situation, and assess appropriate next steps if necessary.


The RevolutionHER Team

Submit a Complaint to the RevolutionHER Ethics Committee:

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