Home Office Essentials for Online Video Meetings

woman home office video call

Working from home certainly has its ups and downs. We’ve all been there: the one day where you decide you’re going to work in your comfy clothes and save showering until the afternoon, only to receive a message from your client or boss, asking you to hop online for a “quick video chat”. When you’re…

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Still Waiting for That Cheque? Here’s How to Get Paid.

Written by Cate Barker The 12 years I spent as a work-from-home mom were some of the most satisfying of my life. Working for myself meant I could set my own hours, writing during the mornings when my son was at daycare and at night after he went to bed. It also meant I could…

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Three Email Headers to Increase Email Open Rates

hello sign

Written by Stacey Hartman When you’re working toward gathering and maintaining subscribers for your email marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of the email headers in the shuffle. However, crafting an effective subject line is crucial when you’re considering the open rate for your email messages (open rates would refer to how many recipients open…

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Nita Tandon of Dalcini Stainless

Nita Tandon founder of Dalcini Stainless

Nita Tandon is a RevolutionHer™ Business Member who began her company Dalcini Stainless in 2015, and since then has received numerous awards, including our 2016 Startup Award. We connected with Nita to find out more about her journey… What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? The truth is, I didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur. I simply…

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5 Ways to Pay It Forward With Your Business

Written by Pamela Bolado Since the pandemic began, we have seen the ultimate surge of women supporting women. I was one of the mompreneurs that took a leap of faith and pivoted my business this past year. I took my passion for supporting women through events, and created an intentional magazine based on highlighting the wonder…

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Reema Rafay of Arbonne International

Reema Rafay of Arbonne

Reema Rafay is a RevolutionHer™ Business Member, and National Vice President and Independent Consultant with Arbonne, where the company mission is to empower women to love themselves as they are and to create a massive community of heart centered influencers who are excited to transform their lives and pay that blessing forward to others. Reema’s Words…

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7 Steps to Creating a Killer Follow-Up Strategy

Written by Grace Moores If you don’t have a follow-up strategy to stay in touch with potential leads, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Most of my clients never returned my initial calls or emails, but they did with follow-up, which in turn has brought in revenue and resources over the years. Follow-up is not hard to…

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Brandi Leifso of EVIO Beauty

At the age of 21, Brandi Leifso was living in a women’s shelter when she founded the concept for Evio, a Canadian clean beauty company that is redefining luxury beauty to be kind, conscious and affordable. Evio’s line of cosmetics and skincare products are affordable, inclusive, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, gluten-free and paraben-free, and are ethically and consciously produced. Evio’s mission is to…

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Jennylyn Pringle of Fusion Mineral Paint

Jennylyn Pringle is a proud mama and spirited entrepreneur. She grew three internationally selling brands before the age of 30, all while juggling the role of a single mother to her beloved 4-year-old-son, Taylor. But the path to success has not been without its challenges. At 23, she took over the family business, Homestead House Paint Co.,…

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