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3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Stress

How’s your work-life balance these days?

If you just did a massive eye-roll, chances are your work and personal life are blurring like never before. The 9-to-5 feels like a distant memory. The technology designed to empower us is making us slaves to our screens. And “always-on” culture has become our default mode.

If you’re desperate to create more definition in your day and find your work-life sweet spot, it’s time to set some boundaries.

1. Go on an information diet

Information is like a delicious vanilla sugar doughnut: highly addictive and likely to lead to overconsumption. Clear out your inbox. Unsubscribe from all those newsletters you never read. Try or Leave Me Alone. And ask yourself: Do I really need Twitter for news? Or could I go directly to the source where there are fewer distractions?

2. Schedule your screen time

Take back control by blocking off your online time. A timer might seem drastic, but can make all the difference. Grab a cute Pomodoro timer for your desk or try an app like Focus Keeper.

3. Create a dedicated workspace

Living room a makeshift office now? You’re fighting a losing battle. If creating a dedicated space isn’t an option, hide your work from view at the end of the day. That way you won’t be so tempted to check your messages after hours. By getting intentional about turning off your devices and taking technology breaks, you can start to break the “always-on” habit.

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