Sun Protection Tips

Let’s talk sunscreen: we often think that we are doing the right thing by coating ourselves and our children with sunscreen, when in fact, we may be causing more harm than good. One of the main chemicals found in sunscreen to block the Ultraviolet B-light is octyl methoxycinnamate or OMC. Studies are now showing this chemical is toxic when exposed to sunshine. The problem with this is that OMC is in about 90% of sunscreens that are on our stores shelves.  This is just one of many dangerous chemicals in our sunscreens.

Check the labels on your sunscreens at home and toss them if they contain any of the chemicals below: 

octyl methoxycinnamate
para amino benzoic acid
octyl salicyclate
padimate o
menthyl anthranilate
trolamine salicyclate

It’s good to remember that our skin is our largest organ. What touches our skin makes its way rather quickly into our blood stream.

Safe sunscreen should be mandatory in any household, although sunscreen alone cannot prevent skin cancer. Consider adding some or all of the following tips into your daily sun protection regime:

Natural Sun Protection Tips

  1. Avoid direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. Always wear a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, light cotton long sleeves and don’t forget your umbrella.
  2. Increase your daily intake of foods that contain Carotenoids and Lycopene. Why? Studies have shown that by eating foods such as tomatoes, red bell peppers, green leafy vegetables, provide natural sun protection.
  3. Apply natural sunscreen often: Birch Babe Mineral Sunscreen is a fantastic option from one of the women-founded businesses we are proud to feature in our RevolutionHer Store.
  4. Use mineral make-up for your daily foundation. Mineral make-up contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which naturally blocks the harmful sun rays and gives up to 30 SPF.

Protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful rays, so you can create positive lasting memories together and live life to the fullest!

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Written by Amanda Brown