Stephanie Dexter UPS Canada President

Stephanie Dexter of UPS Canada

Don’t Let Fear of Failure Get in the Way 

I began my UPS career in 1989 as a package handler. At the time, there weren’t many females in leadership roles, so my goal was to work hard and become a supervisor or maybe a manager. However, more promotion opportunities came and kept coming. At times I was unsure if I was ready for the next step, but I made a promise to myself to never say no to advancement. I would not let my thoughts or fear of failure hold me back. This was important because every “yes” ultimately led me to my current role. 

This year, I was honoured to be named the 1st female president in UPS Canada history. This comes off the heels of the company naming Carol B. Tomé our 1st female CEO. The changing social and cultural conventions happening around women in non-traditional and true leadership roles across many industries, is what gives me hope and inspires me about the future for women. It is not conjecture or saying the right thing, it is real. As we take on these roles, we must mentor to build a legacy and a foundation for the women around us, to help them prepare to be our next leaders. 

Stephanie’s Top 3 Tips for Other Women to Live Their Best Life: 

  1. Prioritize yourself. Whether it’s spending time with family, a hobby you enjoy, or simply self-reflection, make time for “you”. 
  2. Say “yes” to opportunities, especially the ones that are out of your comfort zone. Don’t let your mind limit your opportunity. 
  3. Schedule your sleep. This is one of the best wellness tips that I have ever received. It’s important to unplug and rest well, so you can start each day feeling refreshed.

Stephanie Dexter – President, UPS Canada

Stephanie began her career in 1989 as a package handler in the Southeast California District. She held various positions in IE, HR and operation assignments of increasing responsibility, leading to her promotion to Laguna Package Division Manager in 2007. After completing several rotations in hub, air, and package operations in the South California and Central California districts, she was promoted to package operations manager for the South California District in 2015.

In 2016, Stephanie accepted the position of U.K., Ireland, and Nordics District Package Operations Manager. She returned to the U.S. in 2018 and after a short time in the Northeast District was promoted to president, Northern Plains District in May 2018. She accepted her current position in April 2021, marking her as the first female president for UPS in Canada.

Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in economics from San Diego State University and a MBA with a concentration in finance from Louisiana State University, Shreveport. She has completed Executive Development at Emory University as well as International Executive Development at Insead in Fontainebleau, France.

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