Spotlight On Succulents

Succulents are fairly low-maintenance plants that generally require very little attention due to the fact that they store water in their leaves. If you’ve ever heard that someone has ‘killed’ their succulents, chances are it was not through neglect, but rather by giving them too much attention. Succulents can add just the right amount of fresh greenery to your home or office, without needing a lot of work. They come in an assortment of sizes and hues, and are versatile enough to be planted in smaller pots or with other succulents and houseplants in one large dish.

Here are 5 tips for keeping your succulents alive and thriving.


Succulents love sunlight and usually need about 6 hours of focused sun, depending on the succulent. If you have your succulents sitting in the same spot you may want to rotate them occasionally, so more than one side of the plant gets all the sunlight. 


When succulents are in their growing stage through spring and summer, they will need more water than when they are in their resting stage during fall and winter. Be warned that watering too much can kill succulents. One trick is to let the soil dry between waterings. Also make sure to plant in a pot that has a drainage hole so the roots aren’t sitting in water. Misting them can cause brittle roots and mold on the leaves, so water the soil directly. 


Potting soil and soil from outside hold too much water for most succulents to survive. You will want to make sure your indoor succulents are potted with either a cactus soil or something that drains really well. Adding small pebbles or river stones will help as well.


Be sure to inspect your plants regularly for signs of distress, disease or pests. Gnats and mealybugs will be attracted if the soil is too wet. If you do notice them, move then away from your other plants and spray with an alcohol solution. 


Succulents don’t need a lot, but a boost with fertilizer once or twice a year is enough to keep them thriving. 

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