A Secret Santa Just for Mom This Year…

Written by Kristy Carruthers

It’s safe to say that every mom deserves a beautiful, thoughtful gift that she didn’t have to pick for herself, especially this year, and every year really.

There’s likely a mom in your life that works hard to take care of everyone else, and now it’s her turn to get a little spoiled. This year let’s make sure she receives something she will absolutely love, but that the kids also get to choose themselves, and shop from the safety of home.

As a single mom, I know all too well what’s it like to be the only one without a surprise under the tree each year, and this year, for a lot of moms there won’t even be crafts from the classroom under the tree. So many mothers out there would love to give the kids a chance to have some freedom and choose their gifts, but in a safe and convenient way.

So, here at The Future You Project, we’ve created a special program called “Mom’s Secret Santa” where you can pre-purchase your gift experience, enter your shipping address and receive your Secret Santa Code. Then you print out the code and instructions and hand them off to a responsible adult (or almost adult older sibling).

The kids can go online with Grandma, the babysitter, Dad, or any adult, and personally select from a collection of gorgeous curated gift boxes from the redemption page, that will be shipped in time for Mom to find under the tree this year.

There are a dozen curated gift boxes the kids can choose from, including You’re So Sweet, Total Momshell, Sunshine in a Box and You are So Loved. With self care, inspirational products, jewelry and bath products, there is something for every mom, and it makes it simple for the kids to choose a gift that’s just right!


Kristy Carruthers of The Future You Project
Kristy is a RevolutionHer™ Business Member, a single mom of two, and the CGO at The Future You Project. With 25 years of experience in the marketing and promotions industry, nothing gets her more excited than unexpected new ways to reach her audience and elevate their experience. When she’s not at the office, Kristy is spending her time with her children and most likely watching something animated on Netflix. An avid traveler, she’s often found planning the next adventure with her little road warriors.