entrepreneur Raquel DaSilva founder of LASHGOD temporary lashes

Raquel DaSilva of LASHGOD

Canada’s 25-year-old Raquel DaSilva is building a beauty empire with LASHGOD, Modern Aesthetics College, and sister companies that she co-founded HAIRGOD, NAILGOD and GIRLGOD.

Launched in 2018 out of her parent’s basement, Raquel has grown LASHGOD from a one women operation into a multi-million-dollar company with a 35-person team serving beauty lovers across the globe.

Raquel designs, produces, and retails professional eyelash extension, hair, nail and beauty products for aestheticians and at-home beauty gurus alike; and provides premium beauty services at her two LASHGOD storefront/salon locations in Toronto, Canada.

In 2020, Raquel founded Modern Aesthetics College, offering in-person and online medical aesthetic programs to train and certify lash and brow technicians, hair stylists, nail artists and aestheticians around the world.

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LASHGOD lash strips

LASHGOD Strip Lashes

LASHGOD Strip Lashes are made with high quality cruelty-free, vegan hypoallergenic PBT fibres to create an eye-catching lash look. These lash bands are lightweight and durable made from 100% tight knit cotton. The bands can last up to 25 applications, compatible with any temporary liquid adhesive or eyeliner adhesive. Each one of our strip lashes is a custom blend of curls designed to mimic our most coveted semi permanent lash extension looks. LASHGOD are the first master lash technicians to develop strip lashes based on the world’s most popular and trending lash looks. Our lash extensions make the natural female eye look exotic and upturned by following the natural inner and outer corner human eye structure. The lashes start short and tapered + slightly less curly on the inner corner to accentuate the deep inners and upturned and curlier on the outer corners to give an exotic fox eye look.