3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Busy Homelife

Written by Elaine Tan Comeau

Are you looking for quick tips to improve your busy family’s home? You can use these easy strategies right away to get your family to communicate better, and have a cleaner, more organized home.

1.  “The Busy Board”

When a family is busy and sometimes feels like no one knows where anyone is going and coming from or what is even for dinner, have a family centre where everyone can see what everyone is up to! Make a quick and easy “Family Tweet Board” (DIY white board where mom or dad starts it with a 140 character or less statement about the day and everyone else can walk by and comment) or pick up an Easy Daysies® “Peek At Our Family’s Week” board so that everyone in the house can quickly communicate to each other in a fun and easy way!  It is so important to keep communication open in a family and why not start it in now to set the tone for the rest of the year!


2.  “The Ten Minute Tidy”

Who doesn’t love a clean house?  Here is a fun strategy to get everyone up and cleaning each week to make it a tidy home all year long!  This is a great ten minute block to make a part of the family routine every Saturday morning for the whole entire year!  The strategy here is to do a little each week so that it does not pile up to be a big unbearable job.  a) Create an awesome ten minute dance music CD for the whole family to shake their booty to while cleaning, b) Create a fun personalized clean up bin for each family member with everything they need for their ten minute tidy, c) Choose a consistent time and day each week for this ten minute tidy to occur, best is Saturday Morning.  When something becomes a regular consistent routine it is easier to get kids to cooperate and do it regularly because they know it is going to happen and is expected of them, and when the whole family is doing it all at the same time, it is easier to be motivated to do it as well!  This is a great strategy in the classroom as well that I used to do!  We all looked forward to it!


3.  “Everything Has A Place” with E.H.A.P. Bins

Everything Has A Place!  Now is the perfect time of year to get organized and start decluttering that home of yours!  It is also a great time to start new habits! First, “In” and “Out” Bins.  These bins are to help sort and organize all the paper work that comes into the house, weather it is bills to pay or field trip notices and permission slips.  Empty those school bags as soon as they come home and put it in the “In” Bin! Same with the mail!  When they are signed or ready to be mailed, it goes in the “Out” bin!

Second, I love this one too.  Each closet should have a “laundry bin” and a “give away bin”!  So this makes it easy to immediately sort out and declutter right away those clothes that automatically get shoved back into the closet or drawer that we just can’t wear or don’t like any more.  Toys and books can go here too!  You will love this quick strategy all year long too!  When bins are full, it is time to drop off or call for Big Brothers or Salvation Army pick up or drop off bins!

Follow these three steps and enjoy the happy and decluttered home you always wanted!

Elaine Tan ComeauElaine Tan Comeau is the Founder & CEO of Easy Daysies®, Podcast Host of “Elaine’s Kitchen Table: Create Better Family, Healthy, Business, Self”, Award-Winning Speaker & Author of “Sell Your Passion”. Featured in Forbes, Macleans, CBC, FOX, CTV, Global News, Canadian Business Magazine, and the Financial Post. Awarded 2014 Canadian Mompreneur of the Year, and Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Business. Her company Easy Daysies® has won 13 awards and was announced as one of the 2018 Top Ten Most Innovative Companies by Small Business BC.