The Power of Manifesting & The Law of Attraction

Opportunities aren’t merely luck or something that happens to us by chance. I fully believe that it is up to us to take certain steps to open the gates and allow for the opportunities to come our way!

Here are some steps that you can take to allow the opportunities to start coming into your life:


Listening to my own intuition is what got me started on my business in the first place, it is so powerful! It’s important to listen to your intuition because it is your inner wisdom guiding you to your soul’s purpose. When you start on your journey toward your soul’s purpose, then the universe will start opening doors for you – wide, tall, very large doors, and plenty of them! We all have intuitive powers, it is up to us to reactivate them.


When I am making magic and putting my desires out to the universe I always state “this or something better” because what I’ve found along my journey, so far, is that even when I thought I wanted something and then it didn’t happen as planned, the universe always had a better path for me!


This universe works at a vibrational and energetic level, meaning what you are putting out is what you’ll get back. Put your desires, hopes and dreams out to the universe. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere, and do not be afraid to ask for opportunities!


The law of attraction is nothing without ACTION. Like above, what you put out is what you’ll get back, it’s the universal law. Take little steps every single day and these will result in huge massive shifts, growth, and of course opportunities coming your way.


Coaches, programs, business branding, books, etc. You may have fear around money and a “lack of money” mindset, and therefore have no money to invest; or you may think you do not have money to invest. But here is the thing, it goes back to the universe being an energetic field. MONEY is energy. But you know what else is energy? POWER. And when you invest in yourself, you will gain a ton of knowledge, leading to power which amounts to money opportunities abundantly flowing your way!

Charissa Floriancic of Crushed Aftercare

Charissa Skinner
is a RevolutionHer™ member based out of London, Ontario. She is the CEO of Crushed Aftercare, where she has created an all natural vegan skin care line including aftercare balms to help soothe and heal skin post-microblading (permanent eyebrow tattoo). A portion of the proceeds from sales helps send fruit into a local kindergarten classroom to enjoy a healthy treat!