Three Farmers - Natasha and Elisia Vandenhurk

Natasha & Elysia Vandenhurk of Three Farmers Foods

Natasha Vandenhurk is CEO and one of the initial founders at Three Farmers Foods. She studied Economics at the University of Saskatchewan before partnering with three farmers from Southeast Saskatchewan to realize a dream of taking healthy wholesome foods to the marketplace. Elysia Vandenhurk is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and one of the initial founders of Three Farmers Foods. Elysia is a Red Seal Chef and has practiced with many well accomplished chefs, including globally renowned Chef Susur Lee. Elysia’s passion for the culinary arts and palate for great tasting foods has been integral to the development of the Three Farmers Foods product lines.  |  @threefarmersfoods

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Crunchy Little Lentils Lightly Salted 140g Bag

Three Farmers Lightly Salted Crunchy Little Lentils are whole roasted lentils, offering a crunch similar to a seed without the added fat. On top of being low in fat, Three Farmers’ Crunchy Little Lentils offer a very high source of fibre, are a great plant-based protein option, are gluten-free and vegan, and are free from peanuts, tree nuts, and other common allergens. You’ll be amazed that a snack so small can make you feel so mighty!