Michele Revivo Better Snack Better You Popcorn

Michele Revivo of Better Snack. Better You.

Michele Revivo is the Founder of Better Snack.Better You® (BSBY). A mom of 3 picky snackers, Michele was looking for a better for you snack that was high in nutrients, and when she couldn’t easily find one, she created her own delicious line of high nutrient snacks all made from organic ancient grains, fruits and veggies, and no artificial ingredients. BSBY products use organic blends made up of  Ancient Grains, Super Seeds, Fruits & Mushrooms to deliver essential vitamins and minerals from recognizable food sources. Snacking doesn’t have to be “empty calories” and BSBY is showing this clearly on their labels. BSBY products are the leaders when it comes to “Healthy Indulgent” snacking!


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Better Snack Better You Popcorn

Better Snack. Better You.® Popcorn

Better Snack. Better You.® snacks are a good source of 6 Essential Nutrients (Vitamin A,B1,B6, C,D,E) all naturally derived. They are kosher, gluten free, Non-GMO, high in fibre and low in sugar. Included in the Annual Membership Welcome Box is a sample bag of BSBY’s All Dressed popcorn and a sample bag of BSBY’s Salt & Balsamic popcorn.