Mélanie Levenberg – PL3Y Education

Mompreneur® Awards Spotlight

Mélanie Levenberg is a Finalist for The 2020 Mompreneurs® Momentum Award, recognizing her success and leadership as a service-based or non-profit business supporting the greater community (locally or globally), as the Founder of PL3Y Education Inc.

Mélanie is an international speaker, TEDx presenter and Chief PLAY Officer at PL3Y International Inc, a Vancouver-based company that provides movement and mental wellness programming to schools and recreation centers across the world. A certified trainer and fitness instructor, Mélanie holds a Masters of Education in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, a B.Ed. in Health and Physical  Education and B.A. Hrs in Kinesiology.  Applying best practices in positive thinking, personal development, fitness, health and physical education, she has created various physical literacy programs that inspire kids, teens and adults to get active as they claim their Bubble of Awesome and live the 3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself. 

Her proudest accomplishments include being a mom to 2.5 year old Joey, wife to Justine, and building a company that has impacted over 3 million kids worldwide and created over 250 jobs where people make a living doing something they love.

Mélanie’s Top Tips for Other Women Thinking of Starting a Business:

  1. Get Clear On Your Desires 
    Why are you desiring to start this business? What would it mean for you and what would you want to create for yourself/your family? Having a clear understanding of your desires for starting a business will help you to identify how you’d like to build your business, who you need to support you and what kind of business model will work for you.
  2. Get Yourself a Posse
    Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey. Our brains tend to think that it’s going to be like going for a long walk through the fields of Saskatchewan…when really, you need to be preparing yourself for a trek over the Rockies. Having a community of mentors who have been along the path before you is a game-changer when that heavy ‘weather’ kicks in.
  3. Get Real, Not Perfect
    If you’re waiting for things to be perfect (Perfect timing, perfect hair, perfect social media plan, perfect website, perfect headshot, perfect e-book, perfect financial situation) you’re going to wait a LONG time. Here’s a truth bomb: Your perfection doesn’t activate people, your ACTION does. Don’t wait, do it now. Your new business is going to serve someone who needs you, who is waiting for you to take action so you can help them. One step is all that’s needed for action to happen…
  4. Get Talking and Connecting!
    When starting your company, YOU are the energy of the business. Get excited to share share share what you are doing! Learning how to communicate how your business helps others allows you to more fully serve your purpose on this planet! Get out there so that your ideal clients can find out!
  5. Get Used to Being Uncomfortable
    At first I thought business was about serving others. Then, I shifted to the purpose of business was ‘making money’ doing what I love. (Yes…that’s the second phase…I’m one of those people who started a business and didn’t really know how to make money… and as long as I was helping people I was happy). Once I learned the money game, I then really stepped into what, to me, business REALLY all about: growing as a human being.

Some people say that you’ll never discover as much about yourself as you will in business. I say, those people don’t have kids, because to me, being a Mom has taught me so much about myself, and given me so many opportunities to grow.

As I evolve and choose to take my company to the next levels of revenue, scaling, impact and reach, I’m constantly facing the fears, challenges, attitudes, and perceptions that I hold.

Moving to new phases in business means that you have to let go of versions of yourself that may be holding you back. Being uncomfortable is part of the deal. Just like when the doctors handed you your first born, and you thought: ‘How can I love something so much and be equally terrified that I have no idea what I’m doing?”, starting a business is one of the most wonderful and exhilarating things you can do.

Just like having and raising that adorable baby, it’s challenging, it will bring you to your knees, you’ll find strengths and qualities you never knew you had, and discover that with a positive attitude and open mind, the lifestyle, freedom and fulfilment that you get are so worth it!