Loyal Customers: Know Them, Find Them, Serve Them

The best customer is a repeat customer, and finding and keeping your ideal client goes hand in hand with knowing your customer avatar. My product line, Easy Daysies, was created off my kitchen table by parent demand, and has now been sold in stores across the country for almost a decade. I often get asked how I keep loyal customers; would you believe that it actually began with chocolate chip cookies? I’m not kidding, but I will explain later.

In all seriousness, I will say that you need to do these three things in order to have loyal customers: know them, find them, serve them with gratitude.

Know Your Ideal Customer:
A customer avatar is a detailed description of your ideal customer. I suggest that you get a blank piece of paper and start writing everything you know about the customer who is currently your best client. Make a list of the following: how old is he/she, do they have children, how old are their children, what is his/her level of education, profession, hobbies; what shows does he/she watch, what type of social media does he/she frequent, how do they dress or commute to work, where does he/she go for vacation; the list goes on and on. Write it all down. For example, you may discover that if your ideal client is a woman, she might be a busy mom of three little ones, who works from home, likes to watch Oprah and HGTV, plans trips to Europe and Disneyland, likes Prada bags, and has her MBA, and best of all, you know that she loves your product or service. When you know this about her, you will know how to find others just like her.

Find Your Ideal Customer:
It is very important to keep in mind who your ideal customer is because knowing her will guide you to the right places where there are more people just like him or her. This means you will be able to create more loyal customers and create more sales for your business.

When you understand and know your customer avatar, you will make sure to be in the right social media platforms and trade shows to engage and provide value and content where they can see you. Always offer value and authentic expertise.

Do not begin by offering sales and discounts, just give value. Providing value means offering helpful tips and solutions to their existing problems. Even refer to other businesses that could help them with solutions you cannot offer them. It is important to establish relationships first. Even if they do not work with you, they may refer others to you. If they are interested to find out more, they will go to your website or store.

I make it a rule of thumb to share parenting tips on my social media platforms and when I share product images I am sharing testimonials and images sent in by happy customers. They can share about how my daily visual schedules are their solution to helping their children become more independent and have easier mornings.

Serve Your Ideal Customer:
Once you have found more of your ideal clients, you will want to serve them very well so they will not only keep coming back as repeat customers, but they will become your ambassadors. Winning over a customer is easy, keeping them is the challenge. I have been selling my products for almost a decade and I am still honoured when someone buys an Easy Daysies daily visual schedule. When I first started, I use to hand-deliver my products to local retailers and I would bring a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with the order to say thank you. Now that I ship across North America, I cannot send fresh baking, but I will include a hand-written thank you and perhaps a bouquet of branded pens tied with a ribbon.

Make sure your customers feel appreciated and special. Then, you will become their ideal provider and they will become your loyal, return customer. To me, it always begins and ends with gratitude.


Elaine Tan ComeauWritten By Elaine Tan Comeau
Elaine Tan Comeau is the Founder & CEO of Easy Daysies®, Podcast Host of “Elaine’s Kitchen Table: Create Better Family, Healthy, Business, Self”, Award-Winning Speaker & Author of “Sell Your Passion”. Featured in Forbes, Macleans, CBC, FOX, CTV, Global News, Canadian Business Magazine, and the Financial Post. Awarded 2014 Canadian Mompreneur of the Year, and Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Business. Her company Easy Daysies® has won 13 awards and was announced as one of the 2018 Top Ten Most Innovative Companies by Small Business BC.