Lisa Iafrate of Talii Towels

Lisa Iafrate of TaLii Towels

TaLii Towels

Lisa Iafrate is the founder of TaLii Towels, a line of suede microfibre towels that are super absorbent, antibacterial, quick drying, compact, lightweight, and odourless. TaLii Towels are great for travelling or camping, and for use at the beach, cottage gym, yoga class, pool, and so much more! They can be customized for your unique use, and make a great personalized gift.  |  @taliitowels

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Talii Towels

RevolutionHer™ Personalized Cucina Towelette

Handy for every kitchen and the perfect size to hang over a sink, oven door, or dishwasher door. The TaLii Cucina Towelette is great for quick drying hands, dishes, and more.