woman leveraging media coverage

How To Leverage Your Media Coverage

Written by Elaine Kapogines

Remember the first time you landed a media spot? Maybe it was an interview at your local TV station; maybe you were asked to provide a comment for your local newspaper, or you were featured on an industry podcast. Whatever it was, what did you do after the interviewed aired or the article was published? 

Perhaps you haven’t landed your first media spot yet, but you want to. The question is still the same: what are your plans for after the interview?

Many entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, have a hard time telling people about the press they receive. They feel like it’s bragging or showing off to tell people about it. They don’t want to feel boastful or like they’re not humble about their success. These feelings are very, very common – but let’s be honest, not overly helpful!

A key component to a solid media strategy must include what you’re going to do with the coverage you worked so hard to get! Here are 5 suggestions on how to leverage your coverage:

Post About It on Social

You can actually generate a lot of content for your social media from one press item:

  • jump on InstaStories when you’re preparing for your interview to tease that something exciting is happening
  • create some buzz before the interview airs or the article is published
  • post a link or screenshot when it’s live
  • post about your experience being interviewed

Create a Blog Post

Make sure you’re using the coverage to create content of your own. Turn your interview into a blog post discussing the topic you were interviewed for, or post about your experience with some bullet point highlights of what was discussed. Then include a Call to Action such as, “To see the whole interview, click here” or, “To read the article, check this out” and link to the coverage so your reader can see your awesomeness for themselves.

Include the Coverage in Your Email Communication

Whether you have a weekly or monthly e-newsletter, utilize email funnels or nurture your list in other ways, tell your subscribers about your coverage. You can include a link to the blog post you created or directly to the published piece. Your email list can be your most effective source for sales, so it’s really important to communicate your increased credibility with this group.

Update Your Website

I strongly encourage all my clients to include an “As Seen On” section on their website somewhere. This is simply a spot where you can include the logos of the outlets you’ve been featured in. Ideally this banner will appear on your home page, but some people prefer it on an About page or other page that makes the most sense for their brand. You may also consider creating a dedicated “Press” page, where you can go into more detail about the coverage you’re receiving. No matter how you execute this, the goal is to serve as a visual reminder to your audience of your hard work and your credibility.

Leverage Your Coverage to Get More Coverage 

This could arguably be the most important way to leverage your coverage. For most people, getting that first interview is the most difficult part of a media strategy, so make sure you’re using that momentum to keep going. Journalists are more likely to interview someone with a proven track-record in the media. Use past appearances to get new appearances. When you’re pitching to a new outlet, mentioning or including a link or two to some relevant coverage can help show the journalist that you can deliver the goods! This becomes even more important when you’re seeking higher-profile TV coverage because the producer will want to see how you perform on camera and will be more likely to book you if you have on-camera experience.

Elaine Kapogines has been working in media for nearly two decades. After earning a post-graduate diploma in Print and Broadcast Journalism, she began her career as a reporter and photographer for a small-town newspaper before specializing in Business and Law. She worked in senior editorial roles for Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis, before becoming the associate publisher of a custom content firm. In 2014, Elaine launched The Holistic Parent, a natural health and wellness magazine. Five successful years later, Elaine shifted her focus to become a PR strategist, media educator and speaker. She currently owns Pitch Class and Wiltshire Media.

A version of this article was previously published at wiltshiremedia.ca