Kay Habib – Skilled Accents

Mompreneur® Awards Spotlight

Kay Habib is a Finalist for The 2020 Mompreneurs® Momentum Award, recognizing her success and leadership as a service-based or non-profit business supporting the greater community (locally or globally), as the Founder of Skilled Accents.

Skilled Accents is a social enterprise that employs refugee women in London, Ontario, to create decorative pillows from recycled fabric collected from local furniture and drapery stores. 

An interior designer by profession, Kay is passionate about creating ways to repurpose decor items to reduce the waste created in the design industry. She started Skilled Accents as a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment to marginalized refugee women and reduces textile waste by recycling fabrics into decorative pillows. The company’s bottom line includes People and Planet, to create positive impact socially, environmentally and economically.

Kay believes that the women employed by Skilled Accents have skills that can be utilized regardless of whether they are able to speak English, or whether they have a certain certification. Skilled Accents also contributes to the sense of accomplishment and confidence of the women employed, and helps them overcome the trauma they have experienced in their war torn countries. The women are also able to learn new skills such as merchandising, marketing, customer service and quality control. Skilled Accents is on Amazon and Etsy, and is dedicated to helping the refugee women through ongoing skills training and promoting their stories.

Kay’s Tips for Other Women Thinking of Starting a Business:

  1. Trust your intuition when it comes to working with people, the partnership may seem attractive and lucrative for the time being but if your gut tells you otherwise, listen to it!
  2. Have a heart centred aspect to your business to keep your motivated to work at it, if you are only in it for the money then you will not get make it too far.
  3. Have a third party evaluate your feasibility, when we are standing too close to something, we can only view it from a certain perspective. 
  4. Collaborate with people with similar vision as yours, combining your efforts to reach a goal will make the journey easier and more rewarding.
  5. Delegate the things you don’t love doing and focus on your strengths.