Katherine Vellinga of Zirkova Vodka

Katherine Vellinga of Zirkova Vodka

A proud Canadian-Ukrainian, Katherine Vellinga is co-founder and visionary behind Zirkova Vodka – an ultra-premium spirit made in her parents’ homeland of Ukraine with a uniquely Canadian flare. Katherine’s journey into the world of fine spirits began by chance when a decision to move to Ukraine in 2005 brought her to the doorstep of a small vodka factory in the Cherkasy region. Katherine knew then that her calling was to bridge her homeland of Canada with her beloved Ukrainian roots, and so she along with her husband John brought the Zirkova brand to life. Katherine’s passion doesn’t end at spirits, as she has helped raise over $300,000 for various humanitarian and human rights charitable organizations including Sick Kids Hospital, The Ambulance Project, Halton Children’s Aid Society, and several LGBTQ+ organizations.

Zirkova Vodka isn’t simply a vodka company. Built in the DNA of the brand is a deep-rooted belief in the goodness of humanity, an abiding commitment to freedom and human rights for all. All who work at Zirkova have made it their mission to use the brands platform to give back in any way possible through our charity One+Together. Zirkova One+Together believes that every one of us is a unique and vital part of this beautiful tapestry that we call humanity. zirkova.com  |  @zirkovavodka

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Zirkova vodka mini one + together

Zirkova Vodka One + Together Minis (2 x mini bottles)

Zirkova is the first brand to create two unique ultra premium vodkas specifically crafted for every palate, preference and occasion. ZIRKOVA ONE is crafted to be sipped neat, on the rocks, with soda and in classic martinis, while ZIRKOVA TOGETHER is masterfully formulated to make cocktails that taste noticeably better.