Julie LeJeune – Wish & Give

Mompreneur® Awards Spotlight

Julie LeJeune is a Finalist for The 2020 Mompreneurs® Momentum Award, recognizing her success and leadership as a service-based or non-profit business supporting the greater community (locally or globally), as the Founder of Wish & Give.

Julie created Wish & Give to solve a problem. As a dedicated volunteer, she noticed small, local charities don’t always have the time or the means to raise funds and awareness.

“These organizations are making an incredible difference at the grassroots level,” says Julie, who has worked in the non-profit sector for nearly 20 years. “But the staff members can barely find the time to fundraise. Sometimes they’re struggling just to keep the lights on. I wanted to find a way to help with that.”

“Friends often tell us they want to give back to their community, but they don’t have time to volunteer,” comments Julie. “That’s when I had the idea to help them fundraise through the events they’re planning anyway. Everyone wins!”

And that’s how Wish & Give was born – as a way to help Canadians help local charities help others. So Julie went to work, creating a unique, easy-to-use platform for community members to plan events and raise money for their favourite charity.

The Top Things Julie Couldn’t Succeed Without

  1. My Supportive Husband 
    Honestly there is no way I could be doing this if he wasn’t supportive. This is completely personal and not advice to others, but I could not have spent personal finances to launch the company and forgone a salary for two years if he were not supportive and willing to pay the mortgage while I grow the business. He is forever optimistic that Wish & Give will scale and grow.
  2. Family & Friends 
    Again completely personal. I have an amazing community of support. I have not heard one person doubt that I can do this or question if the business is viable. I have girlfriends in sales, marketing, social media, and business who have provided endless hours of support to help Wish & Give. I am forever grateful.
  3. Small Business Group 
    Being a member of a business group has provided much needed advice and emotional support. I have met amazing women who are doing incredible things and who are always willing to lend a helping hand, collaborate, or commiserate.
  4. Community 
    The community around me has been amazing at using the site and putting up with the glitches that come with a new website. I now have customers who have used the site 3 years in a row!
  5. Our Kids 
    They keep me going. Every day when I walk my two kids to school and hold my 8-year-old’s warm little hand, I’m reminded how happy I am that I made the choice to leave the 9 to 5 world with international travel so that I can now work from home. I’m no longer jet setting to Asia, but instead I am present with my kids in this short season of life.