Journal Prompts for This Time of Change

Change can be challenging. It can also be an opportunity of growth and development. As our restrictions change, it can be helpful to reflect on how our time is being used and how we are feeling about it. As an occupational therapist, I spend my time supporting people who are striving to manage the occupational balance in their lives. Ideally, that means that we have a mix of productive, self-care, rest and leisure activities.  During this pandemic, that mix has changed for many of us. Some of us are working more. Some of us are working less. Many of us are taking on extra care giving and child care responsibilities.
How has this change impacted you?
I encourage you to pull out a notebook and reflect on the following questions:
  • What is your typically balance of occupations (mix of productive, self-care, rest and leisure activities)? How has that changed during this time?
  • What have you enjoyed during this time? How can you keep more that in your life as restrictions are lifted?
  • What do you miss most? Is there a way to start to get a taste of that while keeping up social distancing?
  • Have you had the chance to learn anything new during time?
  • What have you learned about yourself? About your family?
  • What coping strategies have helped you get through this?  Are they healthy ones that you want to keep in your life?  Or do you need to develop some other strategies?
  • How will you look back on this time?

Sarah Good occupational therapist

Sarah Good is a RevolutionHER™ Member based out of Ottawa, Ontario. She is the Founder of Sarah Good Occupational Therapy, where she helps people living with chronic pain, women’s health issues, or mood disorders to support them in becoming more active and live their lives more fully.