watering garden

How To Water Your Garden Effectively

Watering your garden doesn’t have to be a chore that you rush through. In fact, it can end up being one of your favorite things to do in the garden, as it helps you to slow down. Here are some tips to enjoy the process:

Watering the garden allows you to stop and be present.

Take time and admire new growth and blooms, dream up ideas to improve new areas of the garden, listen to the birds and the sounds of nature around you. Quiet your mind. 

Grab a drink.

Watering the garden should be enjoyed, so bring along your morning coffee or evening beverage, and use the philosophy “Water, Sip, Inspect, Repeat”. 

  • Water – focus on a section of the garden and give it a really good soak. 
  • Sip – Enjoy your beverage of choice 
  • Inspect – check on your plants, what has new growth, what is flowering, what is being eaten by the local wildlife, are there any signs of distress or disease on your plants, what needs dead heading 
  • Repeat – move on to the next section of the garden 

Water deep.

Make sure to give your plants lots of water. If you have pots in the garden, water until the water runs out the bottom, assuming you have drainage holes in your pots. If you don’t have drainage holes, don’t over water, as generally plants don’t like to sit in water. When you water deep, you are encouraging the roots to go down rather than stay near the surface. Deep roots make a plant more sturdy and strong. Plus, you won’t need to water as often. 

Give extra water when transferring plants.

If you are moving plants or planting new plants, give them extra water until you see new growth. Plants can go into shock when moved or repotted; the extra water will encourage the roots to grow and get settled quicker. 

Top things up.

Don’t forget to top up your birdbath or water fountain for the birds, insects and pets if you have them.