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How Gratitude Improves Mindset

We’re always so busy rushing from one task to the next that we rarely stop to think about how fortunate we are. These days, a positive mindset is increasingly important in order to help you push through stress and find joyful moments in each day. Here are four areas in life that everyone can be grateful for:

Family & Friends
Even though you may have had your ups and downs, chances are your family or friends have supported you in one way (or many ways!) along life’s adventure. Family can take on many meanings, so whatever your core support system looks like, be sure to share your gratitude with them and let them know the impact they have had on your life.

Female Trailblazers

There are a multitude of amazing women who forged the path that we all walk today. Often during times of injustice, inequity, and uncertainty, women have come to the forefront of history and we can be thankful of their triumphs and lessons. Some of our favourite books that profile inspiring women include In the Company of WomenThe Anthology of Amazing Women, and Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls (a great read for younger girls too!)

In the Company of Women book by Grace Bonney  Anthology of Amazing Women book  Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls book

Your Resilience
We don’t toot our own horns enough. You made it through an incredibly tough year  in 2020 and are still standing – celebrate that win! It will help fuel you for the uncertainty of whatever may come your way in this new year as well.

If you find that you’re stuck in a rut and are seeing more negative than positive aspects within your life and the people around you, it might be time to take more measured actions in visualizing gratitude and developing your positive mindset. Some ideas to consider:

  • practice writing in a gratitude journal. You can opt for daily, weekly or monthly entries – do what works for you!
  • try meditating with an app like Calm or Headspace
  • take part in a random act of kindness. This could be as simple as covering a cup of coffee for a stranger waiting behind you in the Drive-Thru!

Recognizing what you are thankful for can begin a ripple of gratitude and joy in your life, opening the doors to increasing your happiness even in the smallest of ways.


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