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Goal Setting in 2 Easy Steps

Do you have a massive, “pie-in-the-sky” goal that you only dream about, something that would change your life but seems way out of reach? If so, it may be time to set some big goals and look to the coming year as a catalyst for change and growth. 

Let’s be honest, no one kicks off a new year by saying they’ll do ‘just a bit better than the last year’. You need to think big and act big in order to see big results. Modest growth was for last year; it’s time to jump things up a notch!

When you know what your big goal is, you need to look at the full picture and understand that big goals are not ones that happen overnight, or even in weeks or months. It may take years to get there, and you will need grit and tenacity to keep pushing yourself to achieve the big goals you are aiming for.

Let’s set a real-world example of big goal setting. A sales consultant may have had income growth last year of 4%. It would be safe to set an incremental goal of 5% for the next year, something that is likely to be achieved and is an easy goal to meet. But what if we turn that incremental goal into a big goal instead, and aim for a 15% increase? The consultant has certainly made a bold move for intense goal setting, and there is no guarantee that goals will be met. However, in making a big goal, it is forcing the sales consultant to push a little harder and be open to new ideas, trying something new in order to get a new result. Ideally, if the consultant ends up missing the 15% target of the goal but surpasses the 5% target of the incremental goal, then the strategy will have paid off in the long run. 

Try using this 2-step strategy when you are ready to set new goals:

  1. Think about a current, incremental target — and double it to create a big goal.
    What actions need to happen in order to meet your big goal?
  2. Next, think about a current timeline — and cut it in half to get closer to your big goal.
    What actions need to happen right away in order for you to meet a shorter timeline? 

The ideas you come up with may be powerful and may take some work to become practical. However, it is easier to make powerful ideas practical, than it is to make pedestrian ideas powerful.

Try this out for your next big goal setting and see what happens – you may be surprised to see that you are closer to reaching your big goals!


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