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Five Strategies for a Fall Season Energy Reboot

Written by Annie Gaudreault

Growing up, I loved fall. The thought of going back to school would get me so excited; a fresh new year! Even now that I’m definitely done with school, fall has continued to be the unofficial beginning of the year. Frankly, January has always seemed a very inconvenient beginning of anything as we all suffer from those post-holiday blues and the winter blahs. Who made up that calendar?

There is no denying that this year we have a collective anxiety level reminiscent of the final exams of my final high school year. Whether we have kids or not, it seems we are all feeling weighed down by everything we’ve been dealing with and the uncertainty of what’s to come. These heavy feelings are affecting us emotionally, and perhaps physically too.

There are strategies that we can use to make the most of the fall season and have it be the fresh start we could all use right about now. Here are 5 ways to start:

Make September the Beginning of the Year

There is something immensely powerful in a reset because it allows you to start over. Whether things have been good, bad or ugly, a reset gives you permission to let go. Get a fresh journal and set clear intentions for what you want to accomplish this fall. Are you wanting to get back to some healthy habits? Reconnect with friends? Accomplish some new goals at work? Make a plan, then break it down into smaller tasks you can take daily action on to keep you moving forward.

Take Care of Your Gut – Your Hormones Will Thank You!

Can you actually boost your hormones? Well, almost! Dopamine and serotonin are both involved in your ability to feel good, and guess what? Fifty percent of dopamine is produced in your gut, and for serotonin, it’s a whopping 80 to 90 percent! Eating a diet rich in fibre, including lots of vegetables, fatty fish and fermented foods, will go a long way to making your gut healthy, thus boosting those feel-good hormones.

Build Your Immunity

There is no better time to prepare yourself for cold and flu season than right now. So, what can you do? Here are some strategies to try:

  • Make activity a priority. The research is clear on this one; regular activity builds your T-cells and white blood cells, both of which are involved in fighting infection. Plus, it boosts your day-to-day energy. Bonus!
  • Manage your stress. This is one of the biggest culprits that zaps your energy, destroys your gut health and weakens your immunity. I’m not talking about the short-term stressors like having to make a presentation, but rather the ongoing, chronic stress you can’t seem to shake. Meditation, yoga, breath work, as well as reducing the sources of stress are great strategies for this modern “monster.”
  • Get your zzzz’s! It’s time to make sleep a priority. Set a timer in the evening and make your sleep routine non-negotiable. Turn off all your devices at least two hours before bedtime. Go to bed at the same time every night and make reading rather than watching TV or scrolling your phone your nightly routine that helps you wind down and drift off to sleep.

Get Your Systems In Place

In his best-selling book, Atomic Habits, James Clear writes that, “People don’t lack goals but rather lack systems.” Think of your goals and for each, determine what resources you need to maintain those goals consistently. I have a friend that meets me for a run twice a week. We don’t need to re-confirm, it’s a recurring date – no excuses! That system ensures that I don’t roll over and go back to bed for another hour, a perfect system that’s kept both of us accountable.

Adopt a Growth Mindset & Learn

Learning a new skill is a fantastic way to get you feeling energized. Whether it is a new language (Bueno!) or learning how to knit, the mental stimulation and satisfaction from your new knowledge is sure to fill your cup.

Annie Gaudreault is a RevolutionHer™ Business Member, and a women’s health expert and nutritionist who speaks 3 languages – French, English and Health! As the Founder of Veev Health & Wellness, Annie helps women understand the art and science of living well, and finding the energy they need to build successful businesses and enjoy their lives. For more quick, actionable health and wellness tips you can implement in your life right now, visit!