Enjoying The Rest of Your Summer

We asked members in our RevolutionHer™ Facebook Group what their plans were for the summer… we could all use some extra inspiration to make the most of the limited summer months! Here are a few tips to keep you going as we approach August and make the most of what’s left of the season: 

Julie of Julie Rock Photography shared, ”Our plans so far include day trips, picnic lunches, hiking, seeing family, and enjoying the pool.” If you need some ideas for days trips, here are some of our fave activities: 

  • Pack a picnic and visit a local park or beach 
  • Visit a pick your own farm and have fun picking fresh fruit 
  • Visit your local conservation area for some hiking and nature walks
  • Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt or a back your obstacle course 
  • Organize a family bike ride along the lakefront or park 
  • Have small kids? Head to a splash pad for the day and let them run wild

Looking for something just for you, to relax and unwind? Here are some ideas to carve out summer fun on your own:

  • most lakefronts have a rental component where you can rent stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and rafts; head out on the water for an hour or two and enjoy soaking up some summer relaxation on your own
  • sign up for an outdoor painting lesson
  • register for an outdoor yoga or Zumba class
  • take a drive to a winery and opt for a tour of the vineyard
  • go antique shopping

Other members are spending time at cottages, plus lots of small excursions and spending time outside. 

Grace of Jolly Bark shared how her family has turned their garage into a Teen Zone with garden furniture and TV so her kids can hang out with friends while social distancing. Just because our kids are on summer break, doesn’t mean the rest of the family is, so having a space that allows for work-from-home to still be achieved is a must.

Ritu of Greater Toronto Executive Centre shared tips for parents who are trying to figure out their summer as well:

  1. Decide as a family all the things you wish to do or places you want to go 
  2. Coordinate play dates with other families 
  3. Meal plan whenever possible 
  4. Compartmentalize your day so you are able to have both work and family time 
  5. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself!

Whatever you end up doing this summer, try to soak in the small moments while you can and make the most of it all before the craziness of fall picks up!