backyard staycation

Creating a Backyard Staycation

Who says you need to travel to far off places in order to have a good time and enjoy your summer? Your backyard can become the oasis you need, and can make for a perfect staycation opportunity. Here are a few ways to make the most of what you have available, and ideas to go beyond the norm:

Put together a flexible schedule featuring a variety of activities such as dining, camping, sports and games. Adding a theme is a fun way to really punch up the excitement factor:

  • An island theme can bring with it a fun atmosphere of tropical foods, and activities like swimming.
  • A sports theme can have everyone in team jerseys, an obstacle course, and different sports to try.

Your lawn can become a soccer pitch, a badminton court, or an overnight camping zone. Grab some spray paint or tape and section off fun areas for the week, alternating between activities. You’ll want to take stock of some of the equipment you have, and think of ways that you can repurpose them. Zones for activities could include meals, reading, and relaxing designated in shadier spots of the yard; sports and games relegated to prime lawn locations; and having extra items like hammocks, lawn chairs and blankets can all offer a relaxing vibe for cool down times.

If your ideal backyard staycation includes a zen-like atmosphere, then you’ll want to take some time to beautify your yard. Tidy any overgrown areas, and trim weeds, hedges and lawn; also add flower pots for a punch of color. If you’re saving a few dollars by staying home for the summer, consider putting aside a bit of money for one key item such as a fire table, a new dining set, or lounge chairs.  

Maybe it’s reading a new book, or completing a 1000-piece puzzle; or perhaps you want to crank some tunes and just lounge, or make a really great meal. Whatever you choose to do during your staycation, don’t forget to carve out time for something you really love!

Try to build at least one themed or planned day per week that everyone can participate in and look forward to. Summer days go by quickly, so no matter what, try to make the most of it and enjoy while you can.