Regain Control of Your Work and Life Balance

Balance is often a moving target. One week it’s great and others prove more challenging with both business and home-life responsibilities competing for time and energy. Balance is important no matter what the endeavour. It isn’t just about having more time to spend for self-care or with your family – it’s also about smart business. There can never be true balance, but as long as the effort is made on all fronts, successful ‘flow’ can be found!

Here are five areas to help you find work-life harmony:

Organize Your Time
Streamline similar activities together and/or block off specific amounts of time for each activity.

  • Stick to a designated time to respond to email, and schedule another time slot to respond to voicemail. This will help minimize distractions and keep you focused.
  • Combine all social media planning and scheduling together, and then move on to other tasks. This helps with avoiding falling down a social media rabbit hole and losing valuable hours of work time.

Use Resources Available
Many small business owners use financial software management tools to help them stay organized and manage the backend of the business. If you’re investing in technology like software, take time to learn how to use the tools effectively and realize the full benefits.

Ask For Help
If there are jobs to perform that friends and family can do, ask them to lend a hand. This way, it is easier to check items off your list faster, and you can get back to doing what you really love.

Family members may have different ideas on work-life balance and it’s important to take time to truly understand each perspective. This cuts down on unnecessary frustration between each other and helps to build understanding and support, as well as avoid resentment.

Be Proactive
Don’t wait for people to get back to you. After a meeting, be clear on expectations with others and follow up with email if necessary on action items and next steps. This will ultimately save time and needless back and forth.