Collen Dyck of Gorp Clean Energy Bars

Colleen Dyck of GORP Clean Energy Bars

We’re excited for you to meet Colleen Dyck, Founder of GORP Clean Energy Bars. Behind every successful female entrepreneur is an amazing work ethic, passion, and a support system to keep them going; once you get to know Colleen, you’ll love her as much as we do! Oh – and did we mention how AMAZING her product is?!

About Colleen: a dedicated wife and mother of 4, Colleen and her husband Grant run GORP from their family farm in Niverville, Manitoba. At 38, she has successfully marketed GORP as the energy bar for clean eating, healthy living, and mindful consumption. We love her story, and everything that GORP stands for!

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Colleen Dyck - GORP

Colleen’s WHY:
What I didn’t realize at the beginning of this journey was that I was stubbornly attached to my “why”, the purpose beyond my product benefits, beyond the features, beyond what my product actually was. I truly wanted to inspire ADVENTURE. To remind people to get outside and challenge themselves. I developed a philosophy around it right from the beginning, and even named it – I was just slow to realize that this was my rock and my compass for creating every single process and system within my company. I do tend to learn the hard way! Now that we’ve landed solidly on our WHY. . . we are really excited to improve and find even more creative ways to inspire our customers! THE FLYING TRACTOR PHILOSOPHY: This is my “WHY”! GORP flying tractor - Mompreneur Colleen Dyck

What do I want GORP to invoke in people? Well, here it is: I think our culture/media has helped to paralyze us, and has made us believe that you have to look a certain way, or weigh a certain weight, or have X amount of talent to “deserve” to try new things or engage in certain activities. I want to break those barriers down and inspire our customers to be kinder to themselves, which will hopefully empower them to engage with their community and find an adventure.

EVERYONE DESERVES TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE! Everyone. Period. We don’t care what you look like or how good you are at whatever. As a company, we want to inspire and reward people for getting outside and using their bodies for good stuff. Even if you’re a professional athlete, we know you aren’t immune to the expectations and stereotypes. And we don’t care if your adventure is walking around the block without stopping. Just get outside and move and build community – that’s where life lives!

GORP clean energy bar - mompreneur Colleen Dyck, logoVisually our aim was to infuse our story into our logo. The logo is comprised of 4 sections: mountains, water, farm and city scape to illustrate the many lifestyles that can benefit from GORP! The fifth component is our name: GORP is a backpacker acronym from the 1960’s for Good Old-Fashioned Raisins & Peanuts! It describes high energy, healthy food and encompasses a mood for adventure!

Something we’re proud of: we are the first re-sealable energy bar on the market! This allows people to use the bar as a tool to keep hunger and bad choices at bay throughout the day. Our customers LOVE this feature because it keeps energy bar goop from getting on everything inside their gym bag, pocket or purse and vice versa! Although more expensive to do, the re-sealable sticker has taken on a life of its own in a guerilla marketing capacity. Customers send us photos of places they put the sticker during their adventures, from the bottom of skateboards in Canada, to subways in Russia or a trailhead sign in B.C. Our stickers are gracing everything from water bottles to ski lift chairs all over the world!

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