Charlene Li of Eatable Gourmet Popcorn

Charlene Li
 is a RevolutionHer™ Business Member based out of Ontario, Canada, and is Co-Founder of Eatable Gourmet Popcorn. Crafted with non-GMO corn kernels and natural ingredients, EATABLE popcorn makes the perfect everyday indulgence for refined movie nights, and are a sure hit at parties, and celebrations, while making unforgettable gourmet gifts. The mission behind EATABLE is to create products for the heart of people’s everyday celebrations, and remind everyone to savour a moment to celebrate the “everyday wins” in our lives with those we love.

Charlene and her husband, Vince, first bonded in a wine tasting class. As a health-conscious couple who also enjoyed exploring new snacks and culinary experiences, they were disappointed by the lack of clean, yet flavourful snacks on store shelves – many mass-market snacks and sweets often contained artificial ingredients. After perfecting recipes for over a year, and working alongside professional pastry chefs to learn the art of traditional confectionery and chocolate making, they launched EATABLE in 2019 to create the “perfect pairing” of two loves: A good snack + a good drink!  Our flagship line of gourmet popcorn infused with the flavours of classic wines, spirits and cocktails, bringing luxurious, unforgettable experiences for snacking Connoisseurs with the most discerning palates. Charlene’s Top Tips for Other Women Thinking of Starting a Business

Mindset is Everything
Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s a road less travelled, so you’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and train yourself to take calculated risks. Be kind to yourself when you mess up – it’ll happen a lot! While entrepreneurship often appears glamorous on the surface, in reality, the journey can feel isolating. The highs always make up for the lows, and that’s what keeps me motivated to keep going.

Being a naturally introverted person, I’ve always felt in tune with my own self-awareness. The ability to trust my instincts and “look within” is a very powerful tool that I rely on in times of chaos. The ability to “quiet the noise” and focus on mindset is a real game changer.

Know Your Numbers
I’ve never taken this for granted since I come from a financial background. In business, the numbers are everything because the numbers don’t lie. You can have the best idea, but if the numbers don’t work, then it may NOT be a viable business. If numbers aren’t your strength, make sure you stack your team with someone who understands them – it could be the difference between success and failure!

Leverage the Power of Your Community
Nobody runs a successful business as a one-woman show. The most successful people in business have the ability to tap into the power of their network and seek out resources within their community. It could be business-related help or even personal help, but the important thing is to recognize those times when we should reach out and get more done through others. Doing everything yourself will quickly lead to burnout and disappointment.

Take it One Step at a Time
Moms often strive to get as much done as possible as quickly as possible. I’ve found that while running a business, I can’t approach every decision or to-do in this way. Some solutions need time to brew, relationships take time to nurture, and some decisions are best made after I’ve had a good nights’ sleep. I’ve since learned that it’s ok to slow things down, go at my own pace, and stop comparing myself to other businesses out there. This has also helped me ease up the pressure that I unintentionally place on others around me, in turn trusting in their abilities to do things in their own way.

Motherhood Is Your Strength
There are many parallels to successfully managing your family life and your business. Moms need to be resourceful, organized, creative, resilient, and brilliant multitaskers! I now understand that moms are actually one of the most well-equipped to run businesses. We are already demonstrating these skills in our everyday lives. So instead of considering Motherhood as a “barrier” to starting a business, consider it a strength!