Charissa Floriancic of Crushed Aftercare

Mompreneur® Awards Spotlight

Charissa Floriancic is a Finalist for The 2020 Mompreneur® Startup Award, recognizing her success as a new entrepreneur under 4 years in business with Crushed Aftercare.

Charissa was born and raised in London, Ontario. She graduated with her Bachelors in Education, then moved to Australia for 2 years where she did her Masters of Education while also teaching. Charissa is now a mother of 3 young children residing back in her hometown, and has taken a leave from her teaching job to pursue her business full time this year!

Crushed Aftercare is an all-natural vegan salve skincare line featuring various types of aftercare salves to help soothe and heal after a cosmetic procedure. Their aftercare brow balms are perfect for use after microblading, while their naturally-formulated healing lip balms are wonderful to use after dermal lip fillers. The Crushed Aftercare salve, brow balms and lip balms aid in the healing process through the use of specially formulated earth-derived ingredients like oils, butters, and dried flowers. We also create gentle salve for henna brows and cleansers delicate enough for eyelash extensions.

Charissa’s Tips for Other Women Thinking of Starting a Business

My first tip is to have a vision and to be sure of it! When you have this vision and you hold tight to it, this is when you are able to maintain the work ethic, the sacrifices, the ups and downs that come along with being an entrepreneur. I believe that when you have a vision, and you see it and feel the emotions behind it each day, that you are attracting this very thing into your life through your own subconscious thoughts and the vibration you are putting out to the universe.

The next tip would be that what you pursue needs to feed your soul. If you are not doing what you love, then you cannot be successful. Without passion there will not be the motivation or drive that is necessary to grow a successful business.

You cannot grow your business if you are not willing to invest in it. Investing your time is important. Also investing money in coaches, courses, networking groups, outsourcing to others who are the professionals in that area, branding photography, etc. You cannot expand or elevate without making that investment in yourself and your business!

Connection to your own intuition and source energy/God/universe/divine, whatever you decide to call it. Having a connection beyond our own ego self, I believe, has been vital to my own business success. That is how I started my own business by listening to the voice that spoke to me. There’s been many times throughout my journey that I have been aware of the signs universe has given me, especially when I start to feel the fear creep in. I know that there is a magical energy at play. When you are aware of this support it helps guide you along a path that is more clear, where you can feel empowered as a business owner.

Taking Imperfect Action
The time will never be right! It is the messy action that you take each and every day that adds up to the incredible moments and doors of opportunities opening. When I made my first post on Facebook about my handmade bath bombs, I didn’t have a website. To begin my podcast interviewing women in business, I simply recorded the interview on my phone without professional equipment. I’ve done free webinars and challenges leading other women in business, with my baby in my arms. In receiving huge orders of 25,000 pieces, I’ve said yes without having the staff or the proper equipment. Everything is figure-outable! There would never be progress or expansion if we waited until we were perfectly ready to take action.