Why Self-Care Can Be So Hard & What To Do About It

self care for women

Written by Donna Yakibchuk & Ina Backbier Have you ever told yourself you’ll focus on prioritizing your needs “when you have time”? It just may end up that prioritizing your needs will only feel ‘acceptable’ when you’ve finally had a breakdown and it’s the only option left. We need to stop thinking of self-care as…

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5 Ways to Pay It Forward With Your Business

Written by Pamela Bolado Since the pandemic began, we have seen the ultimate surge of women supporting women. I was one of the mompreneurs that took a leap of faith and pivoted my business this past year. I took my passion for supporting women through events, and created an intentional magazine based on highlighting the wonder…

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Jennifer Lewis of Urban Spa

Since the inception of Urban Spa, Jennifer has been committed to building a business with integrity and compassion. She was raised with an awareness of social justice from her Anglican minister mother, and a strong business sense, from her banker father. They inspired her to create social change through business. Jennifer’s early experiences made her…

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