5 Health Benefits of Cucumbers

health benefits cucumbers

The humble cucumber may not be one of the hot “superfood” options you see on many health lists, but wow do they ever pack a punch! Cucumbers are low in calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium. They have been a source of food and medicinal aids since ancient times, and in the hot summer months they…

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Spotlight On Succulents


Succulents are fairly low-maintenance plants that generally require very little attention due to the fact that they store water in their leaves. If you’ve ever heard that someone has ‘killed’ their succulents, chances are it was not through neglect, but rather by giving them too much attention. Succulents can add just the right amount of fresh…

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10 Ways to Become a Better Sleeper

woman sleeping - better sleep tips

Sleep is crucial to our overall well-being, but many of us have terrible habits that cause both short-term and long-term negative side effects. It’s important to make sure that your sleep habits are considered to be just as important as your other lifestyle choices, such as healthy eating and getting regular exercise. How to Become…

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BBQ Baking + Cinnamon Roll Recipe

BBQ baking cinnamon rolls

Written by Jo Notkin People tend to bake in cooler weather, but the BBQ is really just an outdoor oven when it’s set up in the right way. Why not look at fusing two fave things together instead – baking and being outside in the summer! There are lots of summery sweet and savoury dishes you…

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Creating a Backyard Staycation

backyard staycation

Who says you need to travel to far off places in order to have a good time and enjoy your summer? Your backyard can become the oasis you need, and can make for a perfect staycation opportunity. Here are a few ways to make the most of what you have available, and ideas to go…

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How To Water Your Garden Effectively

watering garden

Watering your garden doesn’t have to be a chore that you rush through. In fact, it can end up being one of your favorite things to do in the garden, as it helps you to slow down. Here are some tips to enjoy the process: Watering the garden allows you to stop and be present.…

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Overcoming Pandemic Learning Loss

student literacy

Written by Melanie Rodriguez You may or may not realize it, but the world is facing a global literacy crisis. Even before the pandemic, 2/3 of Canadian and American fourth graders read below grade level. Why do teachers and researchers pay special attention to the fourth grade? This is because if a child cannot read…

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Spring Cleaning In 5 Steps “The Home Edit” Way

organizing The Home Edit way

Spring cleaning is one of those rites of passage that some of us look forward to all year long… or that some of us dread. After a long winter, it’s often a way to ‘shake off the cobwebs’ and welcome in a fresh new season with long, deep, and clean breaths. The problem is, many…

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3 Ways That Exercise Can Improve Your Life

exercise tips

When you implement consistent, regular exercise into your daily routine, you have the opportunity to change your life in extremely impactful ways. Just small changes every day can make a world of a difference in how you look, how you feel, and how you live your life. Here are 3 ways that exercise can have…

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