Spring Fashion Tips

Spring Fashion tips

Once the sun starts peeking its head out and we feel like we’ve seen the last of winter’s cold and snow, it’s time to break out the jean jackets and sunglasses for some fun and bright spring fashion. Here are a few ways you can instantly boost your look this season: Sunglasses Add instant sophistication…

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Tips for Great Business Headshots

photographer photo shoot

Written by Julie Rock In my opinion, having your headshot taken by a professional photographer is so important for your business as it is a part of your brand, and your brand represents you and how you want to define yourself and your business to potential clients. This is usually one of the first things that…

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Why Ethical Fashion is Important

In today’s society, there seems to be a shift. Many companies, brands, and singular individuals are saying how necessary it is to support ethical companies, live sustainably, and become more eco-friendly. If you’re new to this specific world, or have really only heard these things in passing, you may be wondering what it all means,…

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