Boost Yourself This Fall & Get Ahead for Winter

Fall tends to be the unofficial beginning of a new year for many women, with a hyper-focus on GSD’ing (“Getting S#!% Done”). Now is a great time to revisit goals you may have set earlier in the year, and set new intentions for how you want to close out 2022.

There are plenty of strategies we can look at to help us make the most of autumn, but here are just a few ways to get you started:

Start Fresh

Don’t beat yourself up if you look back and realize that some of the goals you may have set back in January have not yet been met. Start fresh for the last 3 months of the year and realign your goals to where you are right now. Life has a way of ebbing and flowing, and what may have been a great intention 9 months ago may no longer serve you. Whether you’re looking to get healthier and more active, reorganize some spaces in your life, or achieve target goals with your career and work life, you need to let go of any negativity and reset to get in the right frame of mind. Moving forward is the only way.

Build Your Immunity

Now is the time to prepare yourself for cold and flu season – we all know it’s coming, even with mask-wearing still in effect for some communities! To give your immune system a boost, it’s crucial to focus on 3 main areas of your daily routines:

  1. Sleep Well: Your sleep routine should be one of the biggest priorities for your well being; getting a good amount of deep sleep allows your body to rest and repair itself for the next day ahead. To prepare your body for sleep, head to bed around the same time every night, ensuring that you have unplugged from devices and television for at least 1 hour beforehand (2 hours is even better!). Decide what helps you drift off to sleep naturally; is it a soothing sleep playlist? Lavender oils being diffused? Reading? Whatever it is, enjoy the daily unwind and listen to your body when it tells you it needs rest.
  2. Stay Active: Move it or lose it – there’s really no other way to say it! Staying active and performing in regular daily activity helps to boost your immunity and your energy, and gives you natural hits of dopamine to make you feel happier. Staying active should include anything that gets your body moving and your heart pumping, at any pace that feels right to you.
  3. De-Stress: Being stressed wreaks havoc on your body; it kills your energy, weakens your immune system, and can destroy your overall health. It’s crucial to pay attention to the triggers that bring you stress, and find ways to lessen or even eliminate them altogether. When you can’t eliminate a stressor, such as a family member or work colleague, you need to ensure you have some tools in place to help you work through your stress. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, being in nature, and listening to music are all great ways to move from stress to calm.

Stay Accountable

Having a system in place to help you reach your goals is key to feeling successful. Decide what you need in order to make meeting your goals a reality – will scheduling deadlines and targets in your smartphone help you along the way? Do you have a friend or colleague with similar goals who you can work with, to keep accountable to one another? When you’re organized and know what you want to achieve, having a plan in place to get there will make a world of difference.