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5 Personal Blogging Tips to Engage Readers

Your personal blog can be a valuable tool in engaging fans and readers, but it takes time to develop and maintain…

If you’re using a blog as a marketing strategy to gain followers, you want to make sure that you are using it effectively. Here are some tips that will help you create a blog that actually brings people through your door.

Content is Key.

People are going to visit and revisit your blog because of its content. If you post information that is useful and relevant to their lives, readers will flock to your blog. Get to know your target audience and try to determine what motivates them. Remember, you should be educating and entertaining at least 70% of the time and promoting your business no more than 30% of the time.

Be Strategic.

You need to be clear with yourself about what you are trying to achieve with your blog. Are you building a brand? Are you engaging potential readers/customers? Are you establishing your expertise? Are you growing your fanbase? While these goals may all sound good to you, your social media strategy will be more effective if you zero in on one or two goals at a time and have a clear plan for how each post will contribute to it.


Social media is supposed to be about people, so make it human. Respond to comments and comment on other blogs. Post pictures and allow your readers to see the person behind the voice in your blog.

Be Consistent.

As you begin to build a following, readers will start to anticipate your next blog. If you have a regular schedule for posting, you make your blog a lot more reader friendly. You can post every day, every other day, or on set days of the week. The key is to be consistent with it so that your readers know what to expect.

Make it Attractive.

Blogs succeed or fail based on the way that they look. If a blog is not visually appealing, most people will just click past it. Allow for enough white space and include pictures in your blog. Blogs with photos tend to get a lot more hits than those without them. If you’re not sure about how your blog looks, solicit feedback from people in your network.

Blogs are an effective tool that you can use to engage with your readers. However, it’s not going to work overnight. It takes time to build relationships and establish a presence. If you approach it properly, your blog can open up a lot of doors for you, and help you stand out from others.